Binize Portable Radio GPS Navigation Compatible with CarPlay & Android AUTO

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Output power RCA output 1.4V
Operating voltage 12~24V
Bluetooth version Version 5.0
CPU 8268K
Run memory 64M
The display resolution 1024x600
Size 7 Inch Apple CarPlay stereo

Apple CarPlay navigation

Size 178*118*22MM
Smartphone Compatible with Apple CarPlay & Android AUTO
Built-in USB Phone link
Extension USB cord: Phone charge it
Audio output White: Audio Out Left
Red: Audio Out Right
The main function

1.  Radio transmit frequency:  FM 87.5MHz to 108.0MHz
2.  SD card & USB flash drive reading(music/video/image)
3.Bluetooth function (handsfree Bluetooth phone calling & wireless Bluetooth music)
4. Two RCA  jacks are compatible with the subwoofer
5. Phone connection: Compatible with Apple CarPlay & Android AUTO; Support smartphone MirrorLink

6,Binize 7 Inch Coral vision portable wireless Apple car play screen /android auto GPS Navigation, Touchscreen Multimedia Player intellidash car radio, google assistant device, Bluetooth 


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What is a portable radio?


A portable radio, or portable navigation device, namely PND or PNA, refers to positioning and navigation equipment that can be carried with you, as well as PDA with built-in positioning and navigation. A considerable part of them uses button batteries, which are convenient to carry, simple to install, diverse in choice, and inexpensive.


The earliest PNA was used by the US military as a handheld GPS unit (approximately the mid-1980s). It can display the user's location on an electronic map and includes simple navigation functions. The current PND equipment has complete positioning and navigation functions and includes a variety of user interfaces, such as electronic maps, steering commands, and voice instructions.


With the development of car navigation systems, the PND market is also expanding. Now some portable navigation functions can also support mobile phone connections, such as CarPlay and Android Auto. But this kind of portable radio has no built-in navigation and can only be realized by connecting a smartphone.


How to install a portable radio?


Since it is said to be portable, it must be very easy peasy to install it. No need to remove any wire in your car. The portable navigator is attached to the windshield with a suction cup and can be used directly, which is very simple and convenient. You can install it in any position that looks comfortable to you, without having to look down at the original car stereo.

How to use a portable radio?


The portable radio is also very convenient to use. To start the machine, you only need to connect the power cord to the cigarette lighter port on the car. Because some portable car radios do not have a built-in speaker, make sure that the channel of their radio is the same as the original car stereo FM radio on the car.


Here are the steps to use the portable radio:


  1. Plug the power connector into the cigarette lighter.
  2. pair phone Bluetooth to the player
  3. Set radio channel of the player same as the onboard radio channel.


What’s the benefit to install a portable radio?


1. Flexible installation: The portable radio can be installed in any position of the car without changing the car, it will not damage the lines on the car and is not easy to cause electrical failure.


2. In terms of the size of the display screen, the portable radio is more flexible and diverse: portable car stereo screens can be selected in sizes of 3.5 inches, 4.3 inches, 4.7 inches, 5 inches, and 7 inches.

3. The portable radio is more convenient to operate: the portable car stereos can be operated in the place where the user is most comfortable (you can put it on your hand).

4. Support mobile phone connection function: The portable car stereo MP5 player can be connected to a smartphone to use, such as CarPlay, Android Auto, and mirror link functions.

5. In terms of maintenance, the portable radio is easier to repair: because of its simple structure, once a problem occurs with the portable car radio, it can be taken off and sent for repair directly.

6. portable radio is more cost-effective in terms of purchase price: portable radio has the same functions as car stereos, but car stereos are generally 2-3 times more expensive than portable navigators.

7. High utilization rate: The portable radio has no restrictions on the vehicle type and can be used on multiple vehicles of its own without the need to change the line and install it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Jonas R Macdonald
Skeptical at first but this was a GREAT purchase

I was really skeptical based on reviews and the price. Honestly this works just as advertised. I am super happy and it was much cheaper than buying a new car. I would highly recommend.

Katherine E Sites
Painless installation & operation for CarPlay

No issues installing. CarPlay started automatically & worked just as expected.

Tom McElligott
Portable radio GPS navigation android auto

This just my personal opinion, unit is working fine- but seems the unit gets very hot! after a short time is this normal will test on a long trip also using offline navigation

Julian queddeng
Really good but no rear camera

Update- after speaking with customer service, and asking if they sell the camera by itself, which they don’t. They offered to send me one for no charge. Their customer service is top notch and they reply fast. I would definitely still recommend the product to anyone

This is a really great alternative for someone that doesn’t want to replace a stock stereo. My Acura RL navigation screen doesn’t work so I placed it right in front of it and it looks great. When I purchased I thought it had a backup rear camera from the questions I read but it doesn’t. The company has multiple units and one comes with the camera at the same price. Wish I read everything carefully, but definitely would recommend this product to anyone.

Richard S Ivy
Nice Little Unit

This unit works better than expected. Hooked up and running in minutes. The suction mount is ok, but if you don't secure the unit firmly against the dash, it will bounce a little. Too much for me. I was able to secure it so it won't bounce around. There is a slight delay when using Seri compared to the unit I have built into my Kia. It is only noticeable if you have a unit to compare it to. I'm very happy with it and the ease of use is really good. The reason I gave it four stars was for the slight delay. Overall it works well.

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