Binize 10 Inch Double Din Touch Screen Car Radio with MirrorLink

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Most popular double din radio with mirrorlink car stereo waiting for your choice!
This is a double din car stereo which is equipped with the most advanced system. It has the basic characteristics of a general android car stereo, such as navigation, Bluetooth, and FM radio.
All of these are unremarkable, but what makes it stand out is the new feature: mirrorlink car stereo.

We have been considering a problem: How to get the balance of driving feeling and safety to obtain a more relaxing and pleasant driving experience?

Then we thought of transferring the iPad function to the car to achieve a better driving experience through the cool screen and functions.

At the same time, there are few cars with Android Car Stereo pre-installed, so most car owners choose to install it later. Then we choose to develop customized products belong to Binize.

Binize has been committed to high-quality car stereos since its establishment in 1997. Also have optimized our products with the valuable opinions of friends from the United States, Spain, Mexico, and other countries.

Binize provides a lifetime warranty, high-quality customer service, and after-sales support will become your most suitable choice!

  • Brand:  Binize

  • System: Android 10

  • Resolution : 1024*600 Px

  • Processor: Quad-core A10 Processor 1300MHz CPU

  • Storage:2G RAM and 32G  ROM

  • Mirrorlink :Both Android(not samsung) and iPhones 

  • Online map: Google Map 

  • Front camera input:Yes,support

  • Reversing camera input:Yes,support

  • Bluetooth:Yes,support

  • Touch screen :Yes

  • FM Yes

  • Steering wheel controls:Yes

  • Built-in microphone:Yes

  • Built-in WIFI: Yes

  • Equalizer settings: Yes   



Q: Why is the mirrorlink car stereo so prominent?

Because mirror link is one of the important ways to protect your smartphone to the head unit successfully. You can play phone in a car comfortably while taking a break. No longer have to be afraid that your children could not watch TV during a boring long road trip,mirrorlink car stereo helps you enjoy a more convenient car life.

Q: What steps do you need to do with the double din radio to realize the mirror link function?

For iPhone, this car stereo supports a wireless mirror link :
1. Need to use the original phone data cable to connect with the mirrorlink car stereo.
2. Need to pair Bluetooth correctly between your iPhone and the mirrorlink car stereo.
3. Swipe up from the home screen.
4. Click AirPlay on iPhone.
5. Choose Miudrive
6. Mirror link iPhone to car stereo successfully.

For android phone, this car stereo supports a wired mirror link
1. Need to use the original phone data cable to connect with the mirrorlink car stereo.
2. Open About phone on the phone setting page
3. Click ‘Version Number’ multiple times in secession until the system prompts to be in developer mode.
4. Open developer options and turn on debug mode.
5. Mirror link the android phone to car stereo successfully.

Q:  Why need to choose a mirrorlink car stereo?

Handling Android, Windows, and BlackBerry phones is no problem for mirrorlink car stereo.
But for Binize mirrorlink car stereo only support most android phone.
The focus of mirrorlink car stereo and other industry standardization efforts is to create operating system-independent interfaces. It projects the smartphone to the mirrorlink car stereo through a USB cable. The driver can immediately access the mobile application through the mirrorlink car stereo and dash kit/steering panel buttons.

Q:  How to choose the best mirrorlink car stereo?

The essence of Binize mirrorlink car stereo is equipment interoperability and API, it is equivalent to mirroring the smartphone application on the car’s system. This requires the MirrorLink API to be carried on the specific chipset of the mirrorlink car stereo so that it can be ported with the selected smartphone.
Most popular double din radio with mirrorlink from binize waiting for your choice!

Q: Does this unit support iPhone screen mirroring? Do I need to buy any special cable for this to work?

Hello, it only supports Android mirror links, and there are included harnesses in our packaging, you don't need to buy extra.

Q: I read that this requires a hotspot for internet access. Can it get internet by being paired to my phone via Bluetooth?

 It can connect to WiFi hot spots, as well as through your phone, as long as it supports WiFi hot spots via Bluetooth, and or tethering.

Q: How do I connect an amp to this unit

 Hi, Our car radio with power output is 45watt.
If you are using your own amplifier, please check its power cables wiring:
If there are three power cables, "+", "-" and "REM", wiring:
"+" - battery positive
"-" - battery negative
"REM" - car ignition switch
If there are two power cables, "+" and "-", wiring:
"+" - car ignition switch
"-" - battery negative

Q: How to change the USB channel in the T3 system?

If the unit can not read the USB flash drive, you can follow this way to check it. USB 1 is used to transfer the music and video. USB 2 is used to update the system.

1. click Car setting - System setting - factory setting

2. password 16176699

3. Customized setting

4. disk - USB 1, 4 pin USB wire disk - USB 2, 6 pin USB wire

5. There are 2 channels, USB 1.1 and USB 2.0

Q: How to add the APP to the white list in the T3 system?


1. click Carsetting

2. Whitelist setting

3. choose the APP you want to add

4. Determine


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