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What is android 12 car head unit ?

What is android 12 car head unit ?

YuanYuan Liu |

What is android 12 car head unit ?


A few weeks ago, Google announced the latest version of Android 12 officially. Also,android 12 car head unit also followed the steps. It is understood that the new version will be the biggest change in the history of the Android operating system, from performance to UI and other aspects of the change and breakthrough, follow our steps to take a look at the specific Android 12 new features.


android 12 car head unit


New feature of Android 12 :


  1. UI design has changed. The look of the Settings panel has changed, the search bar has shrunk, and the design of the switches has become more recognizable to users. Improved notification interface, interface becomes more beautiful and lovely, and in line with the user's operation habits, become more efficient. The notification and reply screens also feature new transition animations that will make using the notification bar smoother and more comfortable.


  1. Theoriginal system is redesigned and the performance is improved. According to Google, the underlying system has been redesigned to reduce CPU time required for core system services by 22% and reduce the use of large cores by system servers by 15%. As a result, users will be able to operate more smoothly and quickly, and the phone will be able to open and use multiple apps at the same time, without having to worry about automatic shutdown in the background.


  1. Intelligent device linkage is added.Android 12 will be applied to the Internet of Things, the same as Android 12 car head unit. Connecting smart phones, smart tablets, smart TVS, smart home appliances, smart cars and other smart devices. In the future, we will be able to use one of the devices at any location to complete the switch to other devices, or even operate.


android 12 car head unit


  1. Improved privacy features.Android 12 users will be able to see more clearly what services and features apps will be using or are using, and users will be able to turn off permissions.


  1. Added Dialog widget.Android 12 supports conversational widgets, which can display notifications and numbers of different apps on the desktop. In addition, the conversation widget has an Easter egg that automatically changes the background of the widget based on incoming messages, and when an incoming message contains more than one emoji, the background will also show a colorful emoji.


  1. Control the car. With Android 12, users can control their car. Google has worked with carmakers to develop digital car keys, which allow users to lock, unlock and start their cars from their phones.


To match that, we've also developed the latest Android 12 car head unit.


Binize Android 12 car head unit has been comprehensively upgraded on the basis of the original Android 10 chip, among which the most obvious changes are DSP and EQ, not only optimized CarPlay and Android Auto, but also added night mode and heat dissipation configuration.


 Android 12 car head unit