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How to deal with android auto video player not working?

How to deal with android auto video player not working?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to deal with android auto video player not working?


What is Android AUTO?


It is an Android-based in-car android auto video player application launched by Google, providing basic functions such as navigation, phone, music and voice search, and interoperability with Android phones is one of its features. Based on Google's powerful ecosystem, it may be the only one that can fight with CarPlay worldwide.


android auto video player


How to use Android AUTO?


First of all, you will need a car that support , next you need an Android phone. The connection is divided into 2 types, one is wired connection and one is wireless connection. Wired connection requires an original phone cable for data transfer, with one end connected to your phone and the other end connected to the USB port in the car. It is highly recommended to use the original data cable or a better quality data cable in this process.


Wireless connectivity is achieved through Bluetooth and WiFi channel communication. The steps are simple, as long as the phone and the Android auto video player's Bluetooth successfully match, you can successfully use the wireless connection. Of course, there is a very important prerequisite for wireless connection, that your phone does support the feature of wireless Android auto. As we all know that electronic products have been constantly upgraded, so the year of production early part of the Android phone may not be compatible with the wireless connection module.


Android auto, like CarPlay, requires no additional app installation, because your phone is shipped with the auto play module already built in.


Why Android auto cannot work?


The first possibility, If you are using a wired connection,there may be a problem with the data cable, we highly recommend using the original data cable or better quality data cable to connect.


The second possibility, If you are using a wireless connection, the Bluetooth is not successfully matched with your Android auto video player, because all kinds of electronic devices now have wireless Bluetooth function, so it is easy to have the problem of Bluetooth signal misfiring. What you need to do is to ignore all other irrelevant Bluetooth devices, forget about your Bluetooth settings in your phone, restart your phone and Android auto video player, and reconnect again!


The third possibility, Please check if your phone supports wireless android auto connection.


android auto video player


What is New on Android AUTO?


After the third generation of Material You design language, the new version of Android Auto app finally supports dark color mode. We mentioned before that the connection is wired and wireless , wireless connection is definitely more convenient, so how to convert the wired connection into a wireless connection?


Binize wireless Android auto activator will help you out. Plug and Play makes all problems easy. Just Bluetooth one-touch connection is all you need,check more COUPON here: https://www.wethrift.com/binize)


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