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How about the performance of cx5 2018

YuanYuan Liu |

How about the performance of cx5 2018

cx5 2018


What satisfies me the most is the control. cx5 2018 Shifting is silky smooth, no matter whether it is upshifting or downshifting, without the slightest pause, it is seamless. With the blessing of GVC, whether it is on the curve or on the mountain road, it is all familiar. It's a great cx5 2018 to accompany you for a long time. 2.5&6 at, no particle catcher, such a configuration is now very precious. Easy-going, dependable, unassuming, like a true friend, always giving you the firmest support when you need it. Its goodness cannot be seen at a glance. It is low-key like a glass of water, but you will like it more and more when you open it.


The cx5 2018 appearance is still good, and it has always been the strength of the bar 5, although it is slightly inferior to the previous generation. I saw that photo on the Internet before because the previous generation was too good-looking. Now that I see this car, I feel pretty good, and I like it after using it for a while.


The cx5 2018 interior remains simple and functional. It has everything without too many features to interfere with driving. The center console is all leather wrapped. Unlike other brands, the screen operation does not depend on the touch screen, but retains many physical buttons, which are convenient and practical.

cx5 2018


Although the cx5 2018 space is not comparable to the brands of the same level, it is enough. With a height of 1.7 meters, I adjusted the leg room in the front row, a little more than two punches, which is completely enough. There are not many people at home, and there are children in the back row, so there is not much space in the back row.


The power is sufficient, the engine speed is only 2000 rpm at 100 kilometers per hour, and the speed of 120 kilometers is only 2500 rpm. The organ pedals are very comfortable, linear power, as much as you want. Power is always on call, making overtaking a breeze.

Fuel consumption:

Fuel consumption is satisfactory. The cx5 2018 air conditioner was on in the urban area, the traffic lights added to the traffic jam, and the stop-and-go was more than nine hours. The one with a high-speed upper limit of 60-80 kilometers is the most fuel-efficient, about 7 kilometers. The average speed of 3 people is 100-120 kilometers per hour, and the fuel consumption can reach more than 7 liters.


The cx5 2018 paint is a little thin, and the wheels wear a small pit in the door.
The cx5 2018 central control screen is small.But I got a good solution by buying binize's product.I strongly recommend that car owners with the same problems as me also buy this product.


cx5 2018

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