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What is dongle adapter?

YuanYuan Liu |

What is dongle adapter?

dongle adapter


The dongle adapter can be translated as a small dongle. It connects to a larger electronic device and adds functions to the device it is connected to. This function was previously performed by the PCMCIA card in the laptop. When we have to add a local connection, it is unavailable.

We can say that the dongle adapter is an old PCMCIA card, which has been converted to a smaller device, and can also be connected to any USB port, not necessarily to a computer, because they can also be connected to other devices, such as televisions, hard disk drives, printers......


What is the dongle adapter for?


In most cases, the dongle adapter is born out of user needs. A few years ago, it was common to buy a computer without a wireless network card (in fact, many desktops are still sold), while it was still common to buy a computer without Bluetooth.

With these devices, we can add Wi Fi and Bluetooth to any device, no matter how old the two types of connections are (as long as the operating system is compatible), which can extend their service life, especially when managing specific machines. This is not feasible due to the economic cost of using old equipment and upgrading to more modern equipment.


Dongle adapter type


As I mentioned in the previous section, the encryption dog was invented to add additional functions to devices without encryption dogs. Considering its premise, we can find all kinds of dongles, although it is the most widely known dongle that provides us with Wi Fi connection.


Wireless dongle adapter


As we can guess from its name, the WiFi dongle allows us to add wireless connections to computers without it, so that it can connect to private networks and even the Internet.

This dongle does not replace the RJ-45 connection (faster), but adds a wireless connection that we did not have before. The problem with this type of device is that it usually does not have a large range, because most models do not include antennas.


dongle adapter


Bluetooth dongle adapter


Most laptops on the market today have Bluetooth connectivity, which allows us to quickly and easily share content between smartphones and devices.

However, we can still find low-end devices without it, just like many old devices, so we must use Bluetooth dongles.

It should be remembered that we will not be able to connect to the Internet through the Bluetooth dongle unless we share the connection through this technology (this is unlikely due to the low data transmission speed).


Storage dongle adapter


Although these devices are called pen drives or USB flash drives, they are storage dongles that can add additional capacity to connected devices. Do not confuse the storage dongle with the external hard disk.

In this type of dongle, we can also find the dongle that allows us to insert the memory card, so that the team can access its content.


dongle adapter


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