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The Basic for Android Auto

YuanYuan Liu |

The Basic for Android Auto Head Unit

Different with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto is designed for Android-phone users’ car stereo. It allows you to access the basic functions of the phone through the car's infotainment system. You can keep your phone securely in your pocket or wallet, make and receive calls, receive and send text messages, transmit music, and guide to your destination via the infotainment system. More than 400 car models come with built-in Android Auto currently. So how can we make the old version car realize Android Auto function? The simplest and most effective way is to replace an android auto head unit. It’s hard to say which is the best android auto head unit or the cheapest android auto head unit, but there are several aspects you can tell if this is an ideal android auto head unit.


How Android Auto Works?

There are two different ways to use Android Auto: one is to be used independently on mobile phone, and the other is to be compatible with car stereos or infotainment systems. Both methods provide similar utilities, but integrating Android Auto with a compatible touch screen car stereo is a better experience.

This most basic function of Android Auto provides hands-free calling, because when making or receiving calls, the phone will default to hands-free. In this mode, the phone display is also easier to read than without Android Auto, because the text is larger and there is no confusion.

For a greater integration, the phone can be paired with any Bluetooth car radio, or connected to the radio via an aux cable, FM transmitter, or any other similar method. This type of connection allows Android Auto audio, such as Spotify music or Google Maps navigation, to be played on the car audio system.


What Is Android Auto Wireless?

All the functions of Android Auto are mainly to connect the phone and car stereo through the USB cable, but Wireless Android Auto allows you to maintain this connection after removing the USB cable.

The main benefit of Android Auto Wireless is that you don’t need to use the USB wire to connect to your phone every time. If you plan to travel long distances, or your phone needs to be charged, you can plug it in. What’s more, Android Auto Wireless can automatically connect your phone to your car radio once you enter your car.


Using Google Assistant With Android Auto

Google Assistant integrates directly with Android Auto, which means you can access all the same information you would normally access without having to exit the app.

For example, if you ask about a nearby store, Google Assistant will open a map of the nearby store without turning off Android Auto. If you have an ongoing route, it will show nearby stores along the route.

What’s more, the integration of Google Assistant goes far beyond the car. If you have an intellilamp or smart thermostat connected to Google Home, you can ask Google Assistant via Android Auto to make sure everything is fine and comfortable after the long commute.


What Phones Does Android Auto Work With?

Android Auto supports most Android phones. The main requirement is that the phone must be running Android 6.0 or later. Although Android Auto does work on Lollipop, Google recommends Android 6.0 for the best performance.

The performance of a mobile phone will also affect how well the Android auto runs. For example, if a mobile phone is already running slowly and unresponsive, it is unlikely to run Android Auto well even if the appropriate version of Android is installed.