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How to update the 10 Inch Android head unit navigation system?

YuanYuan Liu |

First of all, you need to distinguish whether your 10 Inch Android head unit navigation is a real-time network update (which means online navigation) or a computer update (which means offline navigation).


If it is updated in real time, what you only need is to connect it to the WIFI network, and it will be updated automatically, no need for other operation.


If it is update with the help of a computer, go to your 10 Inch Android head unit brand customer service to download the latest installation package through a universal U disk, copy it to your 10 Inch Android head unit, which will overwrite the original information.


What is universal 10 Inch android head unit navigation system?


①Car GPS navigation system, its built-in GPS antenna will receive data from at least 3 of the several GPS satellites orbiting the earth, combined with the electronic map in the car navigation system, the position coordinates determined by GPS satellite signals which is also used to determine the exact position of the car on the electronic map. This is the usual positioning function we talk about.


②On the basis of positioning, you can get the best driving route, road conditions ahead and the nearest gas station, restaurant, hotel and other information through the multi-function display. If unfortunately, the GPS signal is interrupted and you get lost, don’t worry, the GPS has recorded your driving route already, and you can still go back the same way. Of course, these functions are inseparable from the map software that has been compiled in advance.


③The "soul" of car GPS navigator includes two aspects-software engine and map data, these two are the key to whether the navigator can take you to the destination.


Last but not the least, the accuracy of electronic navigation map is another important component of the car GPS navigator. The correctness of the electronic navigation map directly determines whether the car owner can reach the destination more quickly and easily.


How to update the android navigation system from Binize?


First of all, there are two different system types from Binzie android car stereo. The one named MTK system car radio which is the most stable system from Binize, so there is no need to update.The other one named T3 system head unit. Up to now, the latest system version is 20210408 for android 9.

The following is the specific steps for your reference:


1.Need a u-disk and the USB2 cable which is 6 pin

2.Copy the update file into the U-disk

Note:Format your USB flash drive to FAT 32 before using this file, and make sure the file is zipped, named.zip, DO NOT UNZIP the file.

3.Click car setting -system setting-system update-start update

4.Click to save default settings.


Reference video:


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