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The benefit of touch screen car stereos a good article for car radio

YuanYuan Liu |

The Benefit of Touch Screen Car Stereos

When it comes to an awesome and wonderful trip riding, touch screen car stereos must be an essential part. A high-quality touch screen speaker can take your travel to the next level. If you want to change a car stereo, a touch screen head unit must be a good choice. Nowadays, a car with a touch screen head unit is very universal. So what benefit can the best touch screen car stereo bring to you? Let me show you next.


Big and right display screen

The screens of many old stereos are so dimly lit that they can only show small, fuzzy numbers. They are much difficult to watch compared to the modern digital touch screen car stereos. A good touch screen radios has a bright and colorful display screen that easily allows you to see and use the controls. More intriguingly, people can also watch videos so you don’t have to worry about being distracted by the person in the passenger seat.



Navigation must be the essential function of a head unit. Touch screen radio with navigation can make you are driving safer and more convenient with your fingertips. If the road and signs aren’t so clear, you can zoom in by sliding your fingers. At the same time, some touch screen car stereos not only support a built-in map but also allow the map in your phone when connecting to the Carplay or Android Auto. So with an online map, all data are updated up to road conditions, you can drive in a less trouble way.

Bluetooth usage  

 Many of the best touch screen car stereos have Bluetooth capability. You can control various aspects of your entertainment system with just your fingertips. You can also stream music from a USB drive. Touch screen car stereo with Bluetooth enables you to play music from digital devices and save yourself the trouble of downloading music. If you often talk on the phone while driving, it can make free-hand phone calls. It's much safer to make a phone call without fumbling for the buttons on your electronic device. Besides, it can perform other tasks.


Car play/ mirror link

The carplay(Android Auto) and mirror link can change your touch screen car stereos into the smartphone. With this function connected, you can use some apps on your phone, such as navigation, music player, youtube, and so on. You can also send a message like playing on your phone. In this way, you don’t need to download some apps in the unit and makes it more convenient.

Steering wheel controls

 This function allows you to more quickly and easily turn up or down the volume of the big touch screen car radio, change the station, or take a call without taking your hands off the wheel. This kind of function makes your driving safer. Please note: touch screen car stereos support only analog signal steering wheel control, for a universal touch screen car radio, you need to order an extra Canbus decoder from your local car shop if your has digital signal steering wheel control. If your car only has one SW wire, connect SW1 and SW2 to your car SW wires. And it needs to learn steering wheel control buttons on the unit manually.

Backup camera and front camera

The backup Camera and Front camera are a great addition to any touch screen car deck. It is particularly helpful when you're parking. Adjustable track and track assist lines make it safer and easier to back up. The front-facing camera can also record the beautiful scenery you see while driving, and can even record the accidental traffic accident so maybe it can help you avoid much trouble.

EQ setting

If you are an audiophile, you may want to purchase touch screen car stereos that include a built-in EQ setting. This allows you to control various frequencies to get the best sound out of your audio system by yourself. For example, if you want more popular and less classic on a song, go to the EQ setting and it will help you make the right adjustments.

Types of touch screen car stereos

Touch screen car stereos can divide into single din touch screen radio and double din touch screen radio. Head units that are around 2 inches tall are typically single din, while other kinds that are twice as tall are double din. Touch screen stereos are usually double din; however, there is a single din head unit with a slide-out touch screen which is flip out head unit. And last, what you buy will usually depend on whether your car is compatible.