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The difference between factory and aftermarket car stereo

YuanYuan Liu |



As advanced automotive electronics, car stereo can provide car owners with many conveniences in geographic information services, city navigation, and self-driving travel. In Europe, America and other countries, car stereo has become a daily life assistance tool for the public, and even a necessity.


At present, with the substantial increase in car ownership, companies participating in the car navigation market have sprung up. Car stereo products are no longer high-level equipment in the hands of a few professionals and explorers. When purchasing such high-tech products, consumers are often in a state of few knowledge, which is prone to confusion.


From the perspective of installation methods, the car stereo is divided into two parts: factory mounted and aftermarket mounted. Factory mounted car stereo products refer to the car head unit that are installed on the vehicle before leaving the factory, and are part of the original car itself. Aftermarket car stereo products refer to car head unit products installed on the vehicle according to user requirements after the car leaves the factory.



Because the installation mode of the factory mounted car stereo requires the car head unit manufacturer to become the vehicle manufacturer’s accessory purchase object first. During the development of new cars, the car stereo products are much required to enter the development cycle. Therefore, the factory car stereo market is mainly limited to large-scale commercial cooperation, while the aftermarket car stereo just meets the daily modification needs.


BINIZE came into being. From the perspective of model, car stereo can be divided into three types:


Special customized type: One head unit only for one model

General type : Dash kit can be modified for various models

Split type: Dedicated car stereo subdivision products, without removing the original car head unit and other parts, upgrading original head unit.


BINIZE Special Customized type: Accord

BINIZE Android Car Stereo Radio 10.1 Inch Touch Screen Bluetooth Head Unit for 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Honda Accord 7th, In dash Multimedia with CarPlay & Android AUTO, GPS Navigation, AM&FM, WIFI, EQ, Dual USB (A10)


BINIZE General type: 9001

BINIZE Android 10 Double Din Car Stereo 10.1 Inch Compatible with Apple CarPlay Android Auto Touch Screen Radio Head Unit Multimedia Player, Bluetooth, GPS Navigation, AM, FM, EQ, Support Backup Camera


BINIZE other type: 7 Inch Portable MP5 player

BINIZE 7 Inch Touchscreen Portable Compatible with Apple CarPlay & Android AUTO Car Stereo Receiver,7“MP5 Player with Bluetooth, FM Transmitter, USB/SD/TF Card Reading


Car stereo is a high-tech industry in the development stage. Only those professional sellers who have worked in the market for many years can guarantee the advantages in product. At the same time, they also have the ability to provide users with comprehensive and excellent service guarantees, such as Warranty services, Customer service, Technical support, etc. Considering the service, product quality and price, trust me, BINIZE will be a good choice.