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Can You use Apple CarPlay wirelessly?

YuanYuan Liu |

Can You use Apple CarPlay wirelessly?

Do you happen to own an Apple iPhone and want to connect it to your car's audio system wirelessly ? Or does your car’s head unit support to use the Apple CarPlay and want to connect to it without plugging in your phone? If you are in either of these two situations, then you are lucky because you can add wireless Apple CarPlay to your head unit.

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How to connect to Apple CarPlay?

For most cars, you can use CarPlay by plugging your phone into the infotainment system. Some cars use Bluetooth connections. But not all cars support Apple CarPlay natively. Most of the old fashion cars don’t support the CarPlay. On this occasion, you can choose to install an aftermarket wired or wireless apple carplay head unit to realize it. The main reason to choose wireless apple carplay head unit is that you don’t have to plug in your phone to connect to the system, which means you can charge your phone wirelessly and conveniently while connecting to the system.


CarPlay Allows You to Use Your iPhone Hands-Free.

CarPlay allows the driver to safely use apps, call friends and family, and integrate your favorite music, shows, and podcasts into your car. Even better, you can see real-time directions on the big screen of the infotainment system, which is convenient for the driver to glance while driving.

Because it is used wireless apple carplay head unit to connect the CarPlay, you can operate CarPlay by touching the screen without having to fumble your phone. Normally, you should be able to do most operations without touching the display, but if you want to enlarge the map displayed with the real-time directions, just touch it quickly on the screen.


Tips for Using Apple CarPlay in Car Stereo.

Most cars allow users to use the iPhone’s Lightning interface to connect the phone to the infotainment system. The cable you use to charge the mobile phone. If CarPlay does not show up automatically, there is a button labeled CarPlay on the menu of the infotainment system, allowing you to switch to CarPlay. You can switch these 2 models between the default infotainment system and CarPlay.

  • Quick Access Menu

There is a menu on the left side of the screen, which allows you to access the apps quickly, even if it is running another app. Press the Home button at the bottom of the menu to return you to the main menu.

  • Enter the infotainment system menu

Click the button with the model name of your car to return to the menu of the infotainment system.

  • Use the steering wheel control

When you are listening to music, the steering wheel buttons that control the music of the car radio should also be compatible with CarPlay. So you don’t have to touch the screen to get the next/last song.

  • Use your iPhone when CarPlay is on.

The iPhone runs independently and is bound to CarPlay. If you run CarPlay app on your iPhone, it will also show on the wireless apple carplay head unit. But you can use Apple Maps on CarPlay and browse the web on your iPhone. You should not do this while driving, but it’s great when you start your car, use CarPlay, and then you remember that you don’t know where are you going.


The future of the wireless.

It may not be cheap to equip your car with the head unit with wireless carplay. But remember, you will no longer have to keep replacing that cord when the Apple Carplay stops connecting it. Welcome to the wireless future!