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Sound Settings

YuanYuan Liu |

What happened to your car?


A complete car stereo system is mainly composed of a host, a display screen, and complete accessories. Binize AM FM car radio is a good example. First of all, it realizes the digital intelligent navigation of field hiking and journey. It has accurate maps, geographic information, and clear routes. Also, the sound function of the AM FM car radio is the biggest source of fun in this boring itinerary. So once your Binize AM FM car radio has any similar situation without sound or GPS system, it will be the most headache thing. Let’s have a close look at what you should you when meet some related sound problem.


What is sound system?


The sound system can be roughly embodied as Radio, Bluetooth, local Audio and Video.

Binize android 10 system supports AM FM car radio both at the same time, FM radio range: 87.5Hz-108Hz, AM radio range: 522 MHz -1620 MHz.


Binize Bluetooth: A2DP, Bluetooth 4.0 & 5.0, support Lossless sound quality.


Binize local Audio and Video: HIFI Audio, HD video playing.


What should do when meet any sound prob?


Take Binize 10 Inch MTK system for sale as an example, which is 2GB RAM +16/32 GB ROM. By the way, please note that only Android 10 and WinCE system version with the feature of AM FM Car radio, the left all support AM FM.


①Sound Settings

Click car setting-click sound setting

sound setting

Here you can choose HIFI on /off, also sound filed will also affect the sound.


②Volume Settings

Click car setting-click volume setting

volume setting

Hera you can mix sounds rate and default volume, also the options of silence all the sound and turn on the default volume will also affect the sound.


Other Settings

Click car setting-click other settings

other setting

Here you can choose Revers Settings not mute off, which will affect the sound during reversing car.

④USB Settings

Click car settings-click factory setting (password 8888)-click USB settings-click Audio


Here you can choose Silence all the sound except Alarm, back car and BT Phone.


⑤Mute Settings

Click car settings-click factory setting (password 8888)-click USB settings-click Mute settings

mute setting

Here you can choose Hardware mute switch, Key mute switch, Mute switch during startup.


As you can see that the sound system will be affected by so many different factors, all the successful using of electric device need the perfect cooperation from hardware and software at the same time. Except for necessary adjustments, please don’t adjust the other specific values, especially the which in the factory settings.


Binize 10 Inch & 7 Inch touch screen AM FM car radio will always be with you through the long trip.