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What is car radio with GPS system?

YuanYuan Liu |

What is car radio with GPS system?


In the past, people’s travel relied on paper maps, compasses, and experience. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, navigators have become our electronic guides for travel. The features of accurate and convenient make our driving safe and reliable. Car radio with GPS system is mostly used for positioning, navigation and entertainment. With the popularization of automobiles and the construction of roads, inter-city economic exchanges become more frequent. Car radio with GPS system is very important, which integrates accurate positioning, navigation, and entertainment functions can better meet the needs of car owners and become the basic equipment on the car.


Car stereo with GPS system consists of three independent parts:

① Space part: working satellites, spare satellites.

② Ground support system: main control station, injection stations, monitoring stations.

③ User equipment part: Receive signals from GPS satellites to obtain necessary navigation and positioning information, complete navigation and positioning work through data processing. Which is what we usually call car radio with GPS system.


Car radio with GPS system hardware generally consists of a host, antenna and power supply. GPS vehicle application systems are generally divided into two categories: vehicle tracking systems and vehicle navigation systems. They are completely different in function, one is used for vehicle theft prevention, the other is used for vehicle autonomous navigation. Since the "receive only, not transmit" signal is a major feature of the GPS receiving system, both are safe to use.


Some tips from Binize Double din T3 system Car gps stereo head unit



Car radio with GPS signal reception has a very large relationship with the GPS antenna installation position. Some are installed above the front windshield at the rearview mirror position, and some are installed in the A-pillar. Since the GPS antenna installation is directional, most of the above installations are not very effective in signal reception.


The GPS antenna receiving surface should face the sky: The black plastic shell faces upwards, the signal receiving faces the sky, and the non-metallic shielding surface has a certain fan-shaped included angle; The other side of the antenna should face down, and there should be no metal objects covering the top of the antenna. Through the transformation of different positions, you will find that installing the GPS antenna under the upper cover of the central control is not only concealed, but the effect is very good.


In addition to this, all perfect performance requires the cooperation of software and hardware.




In the factory settings which bring you more possibilities, you can find some specific settings about the GPS system.


Path: Car setting- General setting- Navi Software settings


①: Boot Automatically Run Navigation

②: Navi software setting, you can choose the opening way of navigation.

③: Navigation mixing, you can adjust the percentage of Media volume and Navigation volume.


GPS navigation system is a very successful and complete positioning service facility which greatly facilitates the travel of our lives and makes technology the guiding light of our lives. With Binize 7 Inch and 10 Inch android car radio, you will no longer worry about whether the road ahead is full of thorns; With Binize 7 Inch and 10 Inch android car radio, you can drive safely and go home with peace of mind.