Binize Wireless Mercedes Benz CarPlay BOX for OEM wired CarPlay

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Kindly be aware that the Binize Mercedes Benz CarPlay BOX is specifically designed for factory cars equipped with wired CarPlay and a touch screen. For any other requirements, please get in touch with our customer service team prior to making your purchase.


Brand Binize 
Type Mercedes Benz CarPlay BOX
Storage 8GB(RAM)+128GB(ROM)
System  Android 13
Matching Model 2019+ Mercedes Benz with OEM wired CarPlay (No Android Factory head unit)
AutoPlay Yes, Both for iPhone CarPlay and Android Auto (not for Samsung)

Yes, Both for iPhone and Android (not for Samsung)

Built-In WIFI Receiver




 TF card slot


SIM card slot Yes


🚦【Easy Wireless CarPlay 】


 Mercedes Benz CarPlay BOX


🚦【SIM & TF Card Slot:


Mercedes Benz CarPlay BOX


 🚦【Online GPS】:


Mercedes Benz CarPlay BOX


 🚦【Dual Bluetooth】:


Mercedes Benz CarPlay BOX


 🚦【Plug & Play】:


Mercedes Benz CarPlay BOX


Binize Mercedes Benz CarPlay BOX


  • Compatible with most 2019+ Mercedes Benz models that have a wired CarPlay connection and non-Android head unit.
  • Enjoy the convenience of dual autoplay, supporting both wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto.
  • Equipped with 2.4G and 5G wifi, providing superior anti-interference capabilities and higher transmission efficiency, ensuring a stable and seamless CarPlay experience while keeping the system cool.




The feature of the Mercedes Benz CarPlay BOX is contingent upon the features and specifications of the original car stereo. These AI boxes are designed to be compatible exclusively with touchscreen car stereos.

What Did They Say?


①Customer Jason—— Flawless Solution

Let me share my experience with my 2019 Mercedes Benz CLA250 – undoubtedly one of my most satisfying purchases. The car is in pristine condition, boasting remarkably low mileage. The process of acquiring it left me pleasantly surprised; the connection was seamless, and the quality of the vehicle surpassed my expectations. The transformation of the outdated screen into a modern display truly caught me off guard 😂👍🏻.


②Customer Pitts—— This was perfect

This product was an absolute perfection. It prevented me from having to invest in a new stereo system. It performed exactly as advertised, without any hitches. It connected seamlessly, leaving me thoroughly pleased with the outcome.


③Customer Bolanos——Unexpectedly Outstanding

This product was a delightful surprise. It's a true lifesaver if you're looking to enjoy wireless CarPlay/Android Auto functionality. It's as easy as plug and play, providing all the features you desire for your vehicle.


④Customer Brian——Affordable Access to CarPlay and Android Auto!

My decision to purchase this was driven by the fact that Mercedes didn't include a touchscreen as a standard feature. I aimed to utilize my phone's GPS while avoiding the inconvenience of having it dangle from the dashboard.





Q:  My wife isn't quite pleased with this product; she deems it excessively intricate. When attempting to utilize the glk350 car radio, the interface perplexed her, and restoring the settings posed a slight challenge. Do you have any suggestions?

A: Warm greetings from Binize. Whenever you find the time, we recommend tweaking the video definition volume to a lower setting within the configuration options. This could potentially address the concern and make the experience smoother.


Q: In my 2018 Mercedes GLC 300, there's a cartridge slot present in the glove box, although it's currently unoccupied. If I were to insert a cartridge, would it activate the CarPlay functionality?

A:  Warm regards from Binize. Given the model's year being 2018, we have reservations about its compatibility. I suggest conducting further research to verify this; I'm not entirely confident about it.


Q: What is the maximum number of apps that I can download onto this CarPlay screen?

A: Warm regards from Binize. The number of apps you can download onto the CarPlay screen depends on the ROM. Cause it's 128G, so you can download many apps in the box, but we do not recommend downloading too many apps, nor do we recommend opening multiple apps at the same time, because that may cause the system to stall and crash.

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