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How to watch YouTube on Apple CarPlay Dongle ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to watch YouTube on Apple CarPlay Dongle ?


At least for now, Apple CarPlay is one of the Apple’s greatest innovations in the automotive car driving space. Apple CarPlay dongle also belongs to the black technologyIt brings the usability of the iPhone to the car's dashboard with a clean and uncluttered interface and some advanced Siri features.


CarPlay has three classic functions: CarPlay Phone Calling, CarPlay Music, CarPlay Navigation. While Apple has been enhancing CarPlay and will continue to do so in iOS 16, the CarPlay interface can certainly seem a bit limited at times compared to what you can do directly on your iPhone.


Apple CarPlay Dongle


Why CarPlay Restricted Applications?


To be clear, this isn't just because Apple was too lazy to add more features to CarPlay. It's actually a deliberate decision by the company to keep the system simple and, most importantly, secure.


People often ask why Apple doesn't allow you to watch videos with CarPlay, especially considering that Android Auto does keep that possibility open. This question highlights the difference between Android's more "open" approach and Apple's tightly controlled ecosystem.


From Apple's perspective, CarPlay is security first, and for that reason it strictly controls which apps can be used through CarPlay. To be fair, even Android Auto doesn't officially allow this, but Android's openness has allowed many developers to find a way around it, as there are far fewer restrictions on what apps can be placed on the dashboard.Apple CarPlay dongle will be necessary to appear.


What apps can I use with CarPlay?


In contrast, Apple very strictly manages CarPlay apps into a few very specific categories.


Apple CarPlay Dongle


Audio: Apps that primarily provide audio content, including Apple's own music and podcast apps and others.

Communication: This includes messaging and Voice over IP apps, provided they can be used entirely through Siri. Apple's "Phone" and "Messages" are obviously built-in, but you can also use third-party tools.

Navigation: Apple Maps is obviously the main entry point here, but Apple did expand support in iOS 12 to allow Google Maps and others to get a place on the dashboard.

CarPlay In-Car Notifications: Similarly, Apple is very strict about what notifications can be displayed on the CarPlay screen. While CarPlay apps can display relevant notifications, such as incoming messages and turn-by-turn navigation instructions, only Apple's own Reminders, News and Home apps can break through the notification banners of their iPhone counterparts.


The above functions can be said to be easy and classic, but someone will always have a need: Video play feature synchronization.


For example, How to watch YouTube on Apple CarPlay Dongle ?


Binize Apple CarPlay dongle give you an answer: It brings you a new Android 9 system while fulfilling your video viewing needs, which also covert wired CarPlay connection to wireless, and also support wireless Android auto feature via Bluetooth. No need for complicated installation steps, as your car have wired OEM CarPlay connection.


Apple carplay dongle