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How is motorcycle apple carplay going?

YuanYuan Liu |

How is motorcycle apple carplay going?


Since 2014, motorcycle apple carplay has been launched on some newer cars, but the compatibility of smartphone systems in motorcycles has been slow, especially in Android. Fortunately, the trend began to turn. India joined Harley and Honda this year to provide smartphone compatibility for some of its motorcycles.


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow riders to access their most popular mobile productivity applications, such as Google Maps for navigation, traffic and weather reporting, and entertainment applications such as Spotify and Pandora. To use motorcycle carplay, you must connect iPhone to your bike via a wired (usually USB) connection. Then your iPhone takes over the screen interface. In most cases, the rider can access it through the touch screen (with exceptions), voice control (using Bluetooth headset), or handlebar control.


motorcycle carplay


The 2018 Honda Jinyi is the first motorcycle apple carplay, in the world which finally provides a new way for riders to access maps, music, etc. Earlier this summer, Honda also joined Android Auto to enable current GL 1800 Gold Wing customers to integrate smartphones into the connection system of motorcycles (applicable to Android 5.0 and higher) through software updates. Like motorcycle apple carplay, you need a separate Bluetooth device with a microphone to use the LCD screen of Gold Wing without touch function. Therefore, riders must rely on the panel on the fuel tank or the four-way pad on the left handlebar to control the infotainment center. Both of them are easy to use, but they cannot be operated in sports.


motorcycle carplay


Honda may be the first company to R&D motorcycle apple carplay, but Harley followed suit and updated its Boom software a year later! Box GTS infotainment system on some travel models. However, Harley did beat Honda with Android Auto, becoming the first motorcycle company to offer this feature earlier this year (Honda also joined). All Touring models equipped with Boom will support Android Auto! Box GTS infotainment system (Boom! Has been compatible with Harley's Android application for some time). Milwaukee said that in the future, all models equipped with appropriate Touring, CVO and Trike will use smart phone image technology, although it requires wired connection. The owner of the current Boom! The Box GTS system can be upgraded through Android Auto software, which should already be available. The future H-D Touring, CVO and Trike models will use Android Auto as the standard function (as long as they are equipped with Boom! Box GTS system).


Not to be outdone in the competition, earlier this year, the Indian motorcycle company announced that it would also include Apple CarPlay in all 2020 models equipped with the 7-inch Ride Command system. Apple CarPlay integrates your Apple iPhone with your motorcycle's infotainment system, allowing you to use Siri and other iPhone applications. Like other brands, to enable certain CarPlay functions, you can have your own communication system that supports Bluetooth (not included).


Talking about the motorcycle apple carplay,I have to mention binize's new products


motorcycle carplay


Binize Waterproof Wireless Motorcycle CarPlay Portable Navigator


  • Fits all wirable Motorcycles.
  • The Wireless Android Auto feature needs your Android phones with Android 11 and above, Android 11 below can only use a wired Android Auto connection.
  • Working temperature: -4℉ to 158℉;
  • Working voltage range: 12-24V;
  • Working current: 2A;
  • Bracket size: 6.10*4.37*2.00 inch;
  • Host size:  5.90*3.89*0.78 inch.


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