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How to update your 2006 Dodge Ram

How to update your 2006 Dodge Ram

YuanYuan Liu |

How to update your 2006 Dodge Ram


Pickup truck is a relatively common model, and most consumers will use pickup trucks as tool vehicles. Pickup trucks can carry goods, cross-country, or daily driving. In particular, many imported large-displacement pickup trucks are also loved by many consumers. Such as 2006 Dodge Ram which is an all-around model.


2006 Dodge Ram


Hear me out, because I bet there will be several folks that will go through what I went through. Here were my issues, which were remedied immediately with Customer Service:


Problem solution:


  1. GPS was slow and inaccurate - Move GPS module to top of dash by passenger front windshield of my 2006 Dodge Ram- FIXED


  1. Backup Camera Frustration - Once installed correctly, your camera type needs to be programmed in, ALSO, the jack you need to use is the yellow one on the harness by itself - FIXED


  1. SWC - issue was on my 2006 Dodge Ram, had to reset harness module (not from Binize) to factory settings before programming - FIXED


  1. Unit Mounting - I personally mounted my unit to my dash cover, not the framework the stock radio was mounted to. It is very sturdy and looks amazing.


2006 Dodge Ram


This does not come with an installation manual, but it is straight forward. What I was stubborn about was asking the company for assistance. If I were to do it over again, I would have hit them up on FB before even attempting to get started. They answer the PMs overnight as they are on the other side of the globe, but they are very thorough, knowledgeable, but best of all, eager to help.


I finished up the unit this morning with the SWC controls and I am extremely happy with the whole setup. I have had 2 relatives ask if I can put this in their 2006 Dodge Ram as well.


I read reviews good and bad. I saw a few that said the reviews were fake, but I assure you, that what is being said about this company, their product and especially their customer service in the 5 star reviews is very accurate.


Great update for the daily driver


Excellent Android phone connectivity. Liking it after 2 months of use, while still learning its superpowers.Good screen resolution for the money. The raised look gave the '06 Dodge Ram 2500 T.D. a new look.Now I don't mind a bit of traffic from my short daily work trek.This is about the best rating I've given to any product.


High compatibility


I think this is the best deal on an Android radio, especially since there are multiple options and that it is double the specs of others available. Don't expect the 10" double DIN to just drop in on any setup, but it's nice to have the large screen. It will stick out from your dash and you will see the mounting hardware from the sides, but heads on, it looks fine. With it sticking out, it will give you a bit of flexibility on your cabling of 2006 Dodge Ram


2006 Dodge Ram