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FAQ of 2003 Honda Accord

FAQ of 2003 Honda Accord

YuanYuan Liu |

FAQ of 2003 Honda Accord


Q: Do i need to connect all the wire harness of 2003 Honda Accord?

A: Hello from Binize, we highly recommend to connect all the wire harness provided by Binize, but here is a point need to pay attention, if your Honda Accord is single AC , need to use Binize green AC wire harness, if yours is dual AC, then just use your car original plug will be fine.


Note: There are a 4pin and 8pin adapters also need to be plugged correctly, the realization of all functions needs to be based on the basis of correct wiring.


wire diagram


Q: How to get AC play normally ?

A: Hello from Binize, first of all, you need to ensure the wire harness is plugged correctly, then you will need to choose the right car info in the head unit system setting. Follow the attached steps for reference:


Click car setting→Click system setting→Click Factory setting→Click can type set→Click cytong→Choose 02-07 Low→Choose cytong→Click save


Q: My 2003 Honda Accord AC fan speed doesn't correspond correctly, how to fix that?

A: Hello from Binize, we provides the latest updates specifically for the Honda Accord, please ask for update file from tech help.


Q: Why is there a small gap in the central control part of my car after installing ?

A: Please note that Binize 2003 Honda Accord 10 is designed for most standard version, if yours is a high-end version configuration, it will not be 100% compatible with the dash kit.


Model incompatibility



Q: My rear window defogging doesn't work, what can i do to fix that?

A: Hello from Binize, please note that the wiring harnesses Binize provide are standard wiring harnesses for most Accord. If your car support rear window defogging feature, then will need different versions of the power wiring harness. If do need, please contact technical support for help.


Q: How to control AC info on the touch screen?

A: Hello from Binize, the AC info will be showed on the touch screen when you turn the physical knob, which means the Ac can only be controlled via the knob, cannot be controlled on the touch screen.


Q: How to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit of 2003 Honda Accord ?

A: Hello from Binize, please follow these steps for reference:

Click My Car→ Click setting→ Click AC setting → Click Fahrenheit→ Click Display large Air


2003-2007 Honda Accord



Q: Is Binize unit suitable for gasoline or diesel Accord, normal working voltage is?

A: Hello from Binize, it only supports gasoline Accord, and the normal voltage is 12-14V. Binize highly recommend to confirm your Honda Accord version before purchasing and after receiving the unit, better to have a simple test before installation which will save a lot of trouble.