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How to play Netflix on Binize CarPlay BOX?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to play Netflix on Binize CarPlay BOX?


In the year 2021, a groundbreaking innovation emerged in the form of the Binize CarPlay box, seamlessly amalgamating the best features of CarPlay and the Android operating system. This ingenious device addresses a common limitation of CarPlay by enabling the simultaneous use of video software, a functionality not inherent to the original CarPlay system. Moreover, the CarPlay box introduces an internet-enabled Android system into the existing car infrastructure, establishing a wired connection to the vehicle's original system. This integration facilitates the transformation of the conventional wired CarPlay setup into a cutting-edge wireless CarPlay experience.


Binize CarPlay BOX

For those who ardently wish to transcend the confines of their vehicle's singular wired CarPlay system without the desire to replace the entire head unit, the CarPlay box emerges as an optimal solution. This innovative device empowers users to retain their original car system while enjoying the enhanced capabilities of both CarPlay and Android, seamlessly bridging the gap between the two platforms. The allure of the CarPlay box lies in its ability to upgrade the car's connectivity and entertainment features without necessitating a comprehensive overhaul of the existing car hardware. As such, for individuals seeking to embrace wireless CarPlay functionality without parting ways with their current car setup, the CarPlay box undeniably stands out as a compelling and practical choice.

Q: What steps should be taken if Disney+/Netflix is not functioning properly in Binize CarPlay box?

A: Hello from binize, Given the frequent updates to the Android system, it's essential for each app, including Disney+/Netflix, to receive corresponding updates to ensure seamless compatibility with CarPlay BOX. To address any issues, it is advisable to check for and install the latest updates for both the Android system and the Disney+ app, ensuring optimal performance within the CarPlay BOX environment.

Q: Why I cannot find some apps in the google app store?

A:Hello from Binize, If you are unable to locate certain apps on the App Store, kindly reach out to our technical support for assistance in obtaining the corresponding APK files through the APKpure app. This application offers a diverse selection of apps.)

Q: What can be done to address any disruptions in the smooth operation of Binize CarPlay box?

A: Hello form Binize, During the initial setup of the box, a brief calibration period is required to identify the original car system and configure screen parameters, ensuring optimal integration. It may take a few minutes for the box to seamlessly synchronize with the original car. Additionally, for optimal performance during subsequent use, it is recommended to connect only one smartphone at a time to prevent potential Bluetooth conflicts.

Q: When attempting to find a movie or TV show on YouTube TV and YouTube, I encounter an issue where I am unable to scroll down to access the play button. Any suggestions? It's a 2018 GLE.

A: Greetings from Binize! The design of certain video apps may restrict playback functionality on various devices. However, we have the most recent system update file available. Would you be interested in giving it a try?

Binize CarPlay BOX

Q: How can I utilize the Hulu and Disney Plus apps?

A: Greetings from Binize! Here's a step-by-step guide for you:

1.Download the APK of the desired applications onto a TF memory card using a computer or laptop.
2.Connect the T-Box to your car and insert the TF memory card.
3.Install the desired application from the memory card.
4.Upon completion of the installation, you can begin using the app on your CarPlay Box.

Q: Is it compatible with a Firestick?

A: Greetings from Binize! Sorry for the pity, it functions similarly to a Firestick, as it operates on the same technology. Essentially, it's an Android box with specialized software designed to connect to your wired CarPlay or Android Auto. Simply integrate the Play Store, and you can download and use any apps you desire.

Q: Is it possible to open Safari and mirror it on the screen in my vehicle?

A: Greeting from Binize! With the CarbitLink app on Binize CarPlay box, which supports AirPlay, you can achieve that. Just ensure both the box and your phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and you'll be able to use your phone in this manner.


Binize CarPlay BOX

Q: How can I enable text message reading?

A: Greetings from Binize! If you're referring to reading messages while using CarPlay, it's quite simple. Just click on a message, and Siri will automatically read the content for you.

Q: Is it compatible with a 2017 Audi A3? My car has wired CarPlay, but the screen is not touchscreen.

A: Greeting from Binize! Typically, we recommend using the Binize CarPlay box in cars equipped with a touchscreen, as some Android apps may require touch interaction. However, if you still wish to give it a try, we highly recommend using a remote control. This will enhance your experience and make navigation through Android apps more manageable.

Q: Does it support steering wheel controls?

A: Greetings from Binize! With this CarPlay BOX, your car's original steering wheel controls will be retained, ensuring no changes to any original features in your car except for the car stereo system.

Q: Can I enhance its speed by getting a data card from my cellphone provider?

A: Greeting from binize! Binize CarPlay box is compatible with an AT&T prepaid SIM. If you receive a message stating that the device isn't compatible with their service, you can resolve this by removing and reinserting the SIM. Afterward, you should be able to make calls and browse the internet seamlessly.

Q: In case there's no Wi-Fi signal during a road trip, and I have movies downloaded on my iPad, is it possible to screen-share from the iPad?

A: Greeting from Binize! While we don't recommend screen-sharing in that manner, you have the option to download the videos onto a micro SD card. The CarPlay system supports reading a micro SD card with a capacity of up to 128GB.

Q: How can I adjust the format to fit the 12" screen in my Ram? The sides are currently cut off.

A: Greetings from Binize! We regularly release firmware updates for the CarPlay box, constantly improving compatibility with different models. To address the issue of cut-off sides, consider trying the latest software update, as we are dedicated to optimizing and expanding our supported models.

Q: Does the Binize CarPlay box running Android 12 update support Samsung phones?

A: Greetings from Binize! Regarding Samsung phones, based on customer feedback, approximately 85% of Samsung mobile phones are not compatible. However, it's worth noting that there is a small possibility that some Samsung phones may still be compatible.