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How does Apple CarPlay work in Binize CarPlay BOX?

YuanYuan Liu |

How does Apple CarPlay work in Binize CarPlay BOX?

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Q: Why you can't have the Binize CarPlay BOX use your phone hotspot for network and use wireless car play at the same time. It can only do one or the other?

A: Hello from Binize, The Binize CarPlay BOX latest system can only do like this way. This limitation is mainly due to the nature of the device's hardware and software configuration.

Wireless CarPlay relies on a stable and dedicated Wi-Fi connection between your car's infotainment system and the Binize CarPlay BOX. Meanwhile, using your phone's hotspot for internet connectivity requires a separate connection, typically through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

In simpler terms, the CarPlay BOX has a single wireless communication channel, and it must choose between establishing a connection for CarPlay or using your phone's hotspot for internet access. It cannot manage both simultaneously because of the device's inherent design and technological capabilities.

While it might seem convenient to have both features active at the same time, the device's architecture and limitations prevent this dual functionality. Manufacturers make choices in the design and functionality of products based on technical considerations, and in this case, the Binize CarPlay BOX prioritizes either CarPlay or internet connectivity at a given moment.

carplay ai box

Q: Why I can't use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi at the same time when using wireless CarPlay via Autokit on Binize CarPlay BOX?

A: Hello from Binize, this is a normal phenomenon, mainly due to the limitations of the carplay protocol itself.

Wireless CarPlay Protocol:
Wireless CarPlay typically relies on a Wi-Fi connection between your car's infotainment system and the CarPlay system (in this case, the Binize CarPlay BOX). This Wi-Fi connection is essential for seamless data transfer and communication between the two systems.

Device Resources and Prioritization:
The Binize CarPlay BOX likely has limited resources, and managing both a Bluetooth connection and a Wi-Fi connection simultaneously could strain its capabilities. Manufacturers often prioritize the primary function of the device, which, in this case, is the wireless CarPlay feature.

User Experience Considerations:
Ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience is crucial. Simultaneous use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi might introduce potential conflicts, leading to connectivity issues or degraded performance.

In essence, the Binize CarPlay BOX has been designed to prioritize the wireless CarPlay functionality over simultaneous Bluetooth and Wi-Fi use to ensure a reliable and efficient CarPlay experience.

carplay ai box


Q: Why the Binize CarPlay BOX will need to use your phone as a hotspot to get internet for the apps?

A:The CarPlay AI BOX offers two options for internet connectivity to access apps. You can either connect it to your phone's hotspot, utilizing your phone's data connection, or insert a SIM card directly into the CarPlay BOX to provide internet service. This allows you to enjoy the full range of features and apps seamlessly. Keep in mind that if you opt for the phone hotspot option, your phone will essentially serve as the source of internet for the CarPlay BOX.

Q: Will it be compatible with the 2022 C300, which has both wired and wireless CarPlay capabilities?

A: Certainly, since your car is equipped with factory wired CarPlay, the CarPlay AI BOX will be fully compatible. In fact, we have extensively tested it on various Benz models, and it functions exceptionally well.

Q: While searching for a movie or TV show in YouTube TV and YouTube, I encounter an issue on my 2018 GLE. It doesn't allow me to scroll down to reach the play button. Any ideas?

A: Hello from Binize, we typically recommend using the CarPlay AI BOX on a touch screen. However, in situations like yours, where a touch screen might not be available, having a remote control can be a helpful solution.

Q: Are the Hulu and Disney Plus apps pre-downloaded? Could you provide instructions on how to use them?

A: Hello from Binize, yes, they come pre-downloaded. In case yours doesn't have them, please seek assistance from tech support.

Q: Is the Toyota Hilux 2018 compatible?

A: Hello from Binize, we apologize for any inconvenience. Typically, cars manufactured after 2018 come with CarPlay, but we don't believe your car is equipped with factory wired CarPlay.

Q: Hello, I have this unit, and it's fantastic. However, it consistently defaults to Apple CarPlay. Is there a way to set it to default to Android Auto?

A: Hello from Binize, Binize CarPlay BOX is designed to automatically reconnect to a previously connected smartphone by default. To optimize this for Android Auto use, you can clear all previously paired Bluetooth devices, leaving only the phone you wish to use with Android Auto. Afterward, confirm that the selected phone is set in the Autokit settings, ensuring that the automatic connection option is enabled.

Q: I've observed a slight delay in audio compared to the video on the screen during streaming. Will using a high-quality USB-C cable, such as the DJ Tech Tool audio-optimized cable, improve this?

A: You can attempt the following steps in Binize CarPlay BOX to address the issue: Click on "Settings," then navigate to "About Autokit-tbox settings." Change the video definition from 6 to 4. If the problem persists, we have an update link available that can be sent to you. Please note that, in some cases, a minimal lag may still occur.