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How can wonderful music be without car equalizer settings?

YuanYuan Liu |

Best equalizer settings for Car Wonderful music?

According to the data from the Automotive Lease Guide, at least 86% of new cars manufacture in the United States provide Bluetooth as an essential feature. This technology is widely used in Bluetooth music and hands-free calling. Also, according to the most feedback form Binize customers, it looks like the Bluetooth music is your guys favorite. So, the experience of Bluetooth music function is becoming more and more important, then best equalizer settings for car is the golden key to a better experience of it.

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What Is best equalizer settings for car?

Equalizer (also called "EQ") is an audio filter which can isolate specific frequencies, best equalizer settings for car is eq system for subwoofer. Several kinds of electronic devices are equipped with equalizers. Such as home stereo, car stereo equalizer settings, Instrument amplifier and so on, best equalizer settings for car can make the sound clearer by increasing the high frequency range. best equalizer settings for car equalizer settings can make the sound heavier by increasing the low frequency range.

What Does best equalizer settings for car?

The human ear can hear a wide range of sounds. At the lower end, we can feel a sound of about 20 Hz, which is a perceptible rumble. At the higher end, we can feel a sound of about 20,000 Hz, which is a perceptible whine. Between these two extremes is the best position of human hearing. Then equalizer came into being. The same goes for car equalizer settings.


There are three main types of equalizers: Parametric equalizer, Graphic equalizer and High/Low-pass filters, car equalizer settings belong to the middle one, best graphic eq settings for car. The following is the car equalizer settings from Binize MTK system stereo.


Take the 7-inch 2 din with knob head unit which support the equalizer settings as an example. As you can see, it supports frequency bass adjustment, five different music styles, also support the sound field adjustment.


At the same time, just like we mentioned many times before, Binize has many different systems in one size stereo.


Take T3 system as an example, generally speaking, they are basically similar:

Both support car equalizer settings. But in terms of details, there are still differences:

the MTK system has a separate obvious button for car amplifier, the T3 system have an option named Amplifier control low under the car setting page.


And this is the only difference. Although the effect of adjusting volume is the same, there are always some customers who feel that the T3 system does not support amplifiers because the T3 system does not have a separate button. So please don’t mess them up, or you will miss a fabulous android car stereo which support car equalizer settings.


The attached sheet gives you a clear reason for choosing from Binize:

MTK system

T3 system

Types of sound effects



Sound filed adjustment

Separate EQ app


Separate Subwoofer button


FM sound adjustment


How to use car equalizer settings?

Low: This range of frequency is the lowest frequency range that humans can hear. Increasing this range of frequencies can make a car shake, can also be seen as car equalizer settings for bass.


Middle: This range of frequency is the most clearly frequency range that humans can hear.

If you want to get the effect of mixing, then turn it up. But too much middle acceleration will fatigue the ears.


High: This range of frequency is the highest frequency range that humans can hear.

This range of frequency should be increased cautiously, because this is the frequency most harmful to the human ear.


In addition, it is worth mentioning that this type car stereo support car equalizer settings has a smart knob that can make you more accurate in sound control.