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FAQ Collection -- Binize enrich your life!

FAQ Collection -- Binize enrich your life! - Binize

YuanYuan Liu |

When you buy a new stereo for your car, the first thing you need to ask is simple: "What do I need it for?"

The best way to know what you really need from a car stereo is to ask yourself a series of questions.

The following are the classic questions appeared in the customer FAQ,we recommend that you must understand in more detail before buying.

Stereo type:General models stereo

Q:We have been able to connect the Bluetooth but can't get the internet connection to play YouTube,how can we fix that?

A:Hello from Binize

There is a reverse wire,connect it,there are two little blue short wire with it and one is for Wi-Fi signal,the other one is for Bluetooth signal,connect it for strengthening the signal.

If the above still does not work, please cut the two blue wires a little shorter~and your  prob  will be  fixed well~

If still cannot work,please forget the Wi-Fi you have already connected, then restore the stereo and power off,about 5 mins restart your car~Then connect to the hot spot one more time~

Q:Just bought the Binize double din android System 10.1 and other than when we input our Wi-Fi pass code, we cannot get a keyboard to pop up. The silver kind of stuck. Can you please tell me the step or the process to getting the keyboard to populate so we can actually do some things with this radio?

 A:Hello from Binize

1.connect an External Keyboard via USB port on the unit

2.car setting

3.system setting

4.factory reset

5.use the external keyboard to type the password "1234" to reset

6.wait for the restart of the unit

7.the keyboard shows again

Q:Hello I need help with a product I recently bought from your company, binize 10.1 double din ,need to know how I can use this car stereo with steering wheel control  function?

A:Hello from Binize

Please connect SW1(key1) and SW2(key2) to your car SW1 and SW2.For some cars, only have one SW wire, then just connect SW1 and SW2 both to your car SW wires

Frankly speaking, this function works with 99% cars, but not all the cars. And please note :This stereo supports only analog signal steering wheel control,you need to order an extra canbus decoder from your local car shop if your has digital signal steering wheel control.

Q:Why my car radio with android auto type can’t work anymore?also when i plug the phone,it brings android auto black screen.

A:Hello from Binize

This should be caused by the Android system of your phone has not been fully upgraded.After you complete the upgrade steps prompted by the system, still need to upgrade the apps that involve Google services to the latest version one by one.

Q:How does this car stereo navigation systems work?

A:Hello from Binize

Please note that the built-in map is online map,if you need the offline map,need to download by yourself in advance.

Q:Does you guys radio include the universal car stereo remote ?

A:Hello from Binize

Please note that this stereo doesn’t support the remote control.

Q:what is double din stereo ?

A:Hello from Binize
1din:Length 183cm ;Height 50cm ;Depth 153cm.

2din:Length 180cm ;Height 100cm ;Depth 153cm.

Stereo type:Special customized stereo

Q:Does it support 2012 honda accord radio AC?

A:Hello from Binize

Please note that the Accord we sold only support 2003-2007,and for the AC,need to set the car info like this:

1.click car setting

2.click factory setting(password 8888)

3.click protocol setting

4.choose  Ruishengwei or Daojun or changyuantong

5.click Honda

6.click  Accord 7

7.click  Save

8.Restart your car

Hope the above content can help you more or less,binize has a group of professional R&D teams, outstanding business talents and high-quality customer service personnel. Our 100% intentions ensures the pleasure of your journey and the safety of driving.