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FAQ for Wireless Adapter Carplay

YuanYuan Liu |

FAQ for Wireless Adapter CarPlay


wireless adapter

Q: How can I upload logs for wireless adapter Carplay series products?

A: To upload logs for TBox series products, follow these steps:

1.Prepare a TF card and format it to "FAT32".

2.Repeat the problems encountered during use in TBox.

3.Plug the TF card into the TBox TF card slot, which will be displayed at the bottom of the screen (when log copy is completed).

4.Remove the TF card, move the log file of X7 / X5, and copy it to Binize customer service.


Q: What should I do if wireless adapter Carplay is not recognized or not working?

A: If you encounter issues where the TBox is not being recognized or not working, there are several steps you can take to resolve the problem:

1.Restore the factory settings of the Automotive Head Unit.

2.Try to upgrade the latest version of firmware. You can download it from the official website at https://www.binize.com/pages/binize-firmware-update

3.Keep eyes on the status of the TBox signal light. If the signal light is no longer on within 30 seconds of connecting the USB port, then you need to use a two-part cable to increase the power supply.


wireless CarPlay adapter

4.The first part should be a USB Female for Binize box, the second part should be a USB Male for car cigarette lighter/charging, or USB Male for car data port (depending on the data cable).

Q: How can I address a long loading time when accessing the Android system, CarPlay, or Android Auto?

A: Normally it will take about 30 seconds. The time it takes to enter the system is influenced by two main factors.

Firstly, the original configuration of the Automotive Head Unit. The higher the configuration, the shorter the entry time, similar to computer or mobile phone configurations. Secondly, the length of the USB cable used to connect the device. The longer the cable, the longer the time it takes to enter the system. Usually, the system should take no more than 30 seconds to enter.

Q: What can I do if my wireless adapter Carplay is not able to access wireless CarPlay or Android Auto?

A: If you are unable to access wireless CarPlay or Android Auto, try the following steps:
Way Ⅰ:
Check if your WIFI/hotspot is turned on. If it turns off automatically, select the 2.4Ghz band as some countries do not support the 5.0Ghz band (e.g., Japan).

Way Ⅱ:
Turn on and off the Tbox flight mode three times.
Turn off Bluetooth on your phone, and then turn it on again.
In your phone's Bluetooth list, ignore/forget TBox Bluetooth.
Open Autokit on your Tbox.
Reboot your phone and reconnect it.

Way Ⅲ:
If Android Auto cannot be connected, check if your phone is using a VPN and turn it off.

Way Ⅳ:
Ignore the Bluetooth signal, click Autokit, then pair Bluetooth.

Q: How to deal with the wireless adapter Carplay mode cannot be connected automatically?

A: Please verify whether the wireless auto-connection feature is enabled by following these steps:

1.Open Autokit
2.Click on the settings icon (gear icon)
3.Select "Wireless auto connect"
4.Make sure it is set to "ON".