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FAQ for Android Car Play BOX

YuanYuan Liu |

FAQ for Android Car Play BOX


android car play box

Q: What is the correct way to insert a SIM card to this Android Car Play BOX ?

A: It is recommended to follow the video tutorial provided to insert the SIM card correctly and avoid damaging the card slot. The following steps should also be kept in mind:

Ensure that the logo side of the box is facing upward.
Ensure that the copper contact on the SIM card is facing downward.
Insert the SIM card in the correct direction.

Q: What should I do if the SIM card does not work after inserting it into the T-Box?

A: If the T-Box shows reception on the 4G network, but there is a cross on the signal bar every 10 seconds or if it requires an internet connection, try the following steps:

1.Install the FibocomLogTool-APK on the T-Box. You can get the file by sending us an email.

2.Format the TF card and insert it into the T-Box.

3.Open the FibocomLogTool on the T-Box.

4.Turn on the AP, RADIO, MODEM, and KERNEL functions.

5.Switch to the appropriate APN on the menu.

6.If the T-Box cannot connect to the network, turn the mobile data function on and off. (Settings -> Network & Internet -> Mobile Network -> Mobile Data Switch)

7.If you still cannot access the internet, turn the airplane mode on and off. (Settings -> Network & Internet -> Airplane Mode)

8.If the above steps do not work, try switching to a different APN.

9.After completing the above steps, check if you can access the network.

10.If the problem persists, take out the TF card, insert it into your computer, and compress the Android file into this Android Car Play BOX . Send the compressed file to binizeofficial@gmail.com, and we will forward it to our engineers for further investigation.

Q: How to deal with the Netflix is unavailable?

A: If you receive a message stating that Netflix is not available on your device or if it appears that your device is not compatible with the version, we suggest that you do not try to download Netflix from Google Play again. Our T-Box comes with a built-in version of Netflix that you can use without upgrading.

If you have already uninstalled the Netflix app, note that it cannot be downloaded through any other means and must be reinstalled using APKinstaller. Here are the steps:

1.Plug the T-Box to your car.

2.Click APKinstaller on the T-Box.

3.Click on Install Manager.

4.Install Netflix.


Q: How can I download apps like Hulu or Disney Plus that cannot be found on Google Store on this Android Car Play BOX?

A: Here are the steps you can follow to download and install these apps on your T-Box:

1.Download the APKs of the desired applications to a TF memory card using a computer or laptop.

2.Connect the T-Box to your car and insert the TF memory card.

3.Install the desired application from the memory card.

5.Once the installation is complete, you can start using the app on your T-Box.

Q: What are the differences between the European version and the American version of this Android Car Play BOX?

A: The main difference between the Asian-European version and the American version of T-Box is the antennas. Since different countries have different network frequency bands, the communication modules used in the US version and the European version are also different. Except for the United States and Canada, which use the NA version, all other countries use the EAU version.

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