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YuanYuan Liu |



  When you install a new car stereo, you may encounter problems that the car radio won’t turn on or off. What is the reason? Have you ever thought about the wiring problem? I hope this article can give you the answer.

Check from the most basic, whether your wiring harness is connected correctly, and don’t connect inappropriate wiring harnesses casually. If the wiring harness cannot be connected, you can ask the seller for help, and ask if you need a wiring harness that matches your model. If the problem still exists after the wiring harness is connected correctly, it depends on the problem of the car navigation itself.



Why the car radio won't turn on?

Here are the most common reasons that will cause a car radio won’t turn on:

  1. Car stereo wire connection:Check if your wiring harness is connected correctly and whether you need a special wiring harness for special vehicles.
  2. The car battery is dead: if your car’s battery has recently gone dead, that may be the reason why your car radio cannot turn on. When you turn on the ignition but the car radio won’t turn on, the installation of a new battery is a good way to settle the problem.
  3. blown fuse:For some reason, a blown fuse may be the culprit. The power surge may have damaged the fuse. If the car radio cannot be turned on suddenly, you can check whether the fuse is intact.

  1. The screen is broken:Overloading the car radio will cause the screen to burn out, but in this case, it will still have sound from the speakers or amplifier and the button next to it can still adjust the sound level. In such a situation, if your car radio is still under warranty, you can apply for a return or exchange with the seller.


Why the car radio won't turn off?


Here are the most common reasons that will cause a car radio cannot turn off:

  1. Car stereo wire connection: If this problem has always happened since the car stereo was installed, then it's probably the incorrect wire connection. Thisis the basic reason for this situation. So pay attention to the wire connection, if need help, you can contact the seller to ask for a favor.
  2. The key and igniter: A worn igniter may appear to be in the closed position when it is actually in the attachment or operating position.
  1. Ignition switch:The ignition switch can provide a little power even when the car seems like it's switched off. There is some setting in the carseting of the car radio, if you cannot figure out, try to contact the seller or a pro.
  2. Car radio designed to stay on:Some car radios are designed to stay on for a set period. When this function fails, you usually need professional help. And the fast way to solve the problem is to contact the seller and they will check with their factory for you.


How to reset a car radio?

Resetting the system can help you solve many software problems. For example, the radio channel is chaotic, the Bluetooth connection is not connected, and the WiFi search is not possible. But resetting the system will cause the original data to be lost, so reset the system carefully. The button to reset the machine is usually in the factory settings. If you are not sure, you can consult the seller.