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Who invented car radio?

YuanYuan Liu |

Who invented car radio?


Car head unit with GPS system have been widely used in nowadays cars. For drivers who go to unfamiliar places, the car head unit with GPS system undoubtedly provides them with extremely high convenience. Nowadays, while we are enjoying this convenience all the time,

how many people know about the origin of car head unit with GPS, how many people know about who invented the car radio?


Who proposed car system concept for the first time?

At the New York World Expo in 1964, Ford brought a very shocking work-the Aurora concept car. This concept car embodies Ford’s 23 “freakishness” ideas, including a full-glass viewing cockpit, an aircraft joystick steering wheel, a second-row corner sofa, a clam-open tailgate and an inverted third-row child seat, also has luxurious configurations such as televisions, independent speakers, refrigerators, stoves, etc.


Although most of these ideas have become a reality in nowadays cars, the Aurora concept car just like the meaning of its name, has become the "dawn" that illuminates the future of the car. Many of its ideas and concepts have had a profound impact on subsequent car design.


This is the embryonic form of Ford's car navigation. Although the significance of the display is far greater than the practicality, its appearance is not far from today's car navigation.


Who made the real meaning car head unit navigation for the first time?

In 1921, John J.Bovy, came from Minnesota, USA, who crafted a hand-held navigation tool that can be installed on the car to navigate for the classic cars.

This dark plastic box contains a scrollable map, which is installed next to the car steering wheel, but requires the driver to manually rotate the reel to view the map. By 1932, an Italian company continued to carry forward this scroll-style navigation tool. Their "Iter-Auto" navigation system can be integrated into the car dashboard and match the speed of the car then scroll the current map automatically.


Development history of head unit with GPS

In 1960, the US successfully launched the first orbital navigation satellite named "Transit1B", which was indirectly announcing the advent of the era of GPS navigation. However, due to the small number of satellites, the coverage area and measurement accuracy are not enough, and the GPS signal provided by the Transit system is very unstable. Also in the same year, the first car radio with GPS navigation system was born on the movie screen.


This piece of car navigation is very special and is not sold to the public, because it belongs to the cool car that 007 James Bond loves most-the 1964 Aston Martin DB5.


Honda, another car manufacturer who is good at developing new things, absolutely will not be absent from the development of car stereo navigation. Honda car navigation equipment can track changes in direction and map the vehicle's driving progress on a monochrome CRT display based on the estimated track.

This set of navigation began to be used on the 1981 Accord to the Acura Legend in 1990, Honda’s navigation technology has been very perfect. Before 1983, the head unit with GPS system was strictly limited to the military field. At that time, car navigation could only rely on the Transit satellite system, which was not very accurate.


If the satellite signal is within the coverage area which is obtained through the antenna on the car, the vehicle can be located within 400 meters. If it loses contact with the satellite, the system relies on positioning calculations to update its geographic location.


With the US President Ronald Reagan in 1983 issued an order to lift the ban on GPS satellites and open their civilian and commercial uses, GPS systems began to gradually become popular in the car navigation field, and they have become the absolute mainstream today.


From the 1990s to the present, the working principle of car navigation equipment has not been innovated again, but with the faster and faster calculation speed of car and machine, car navigation has become more and more practical.


Knock!Knock! The key point is coming:

The essential features of nowadays car navigation:

Smart car stereo system: Android 9.1 & Android 10.1

Double din & Single din

10 Inch & 7 Inch

Big touch screen

HD Camera

Bluetooth: 4.0 & 5.0

Radio: FM & AM



But throughout the history of car navigation, no matter what stage you are in, you need to learn to understand maps and distinguish the device quality. Only by mastering this basic skill can you always be on the right path.


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