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Best Single Din Car Stereo Double Din Radio the Ultimate Purchase and Installation Guide

YuanYuan Liu |

Best Single Din Car Stereo Double Din Radio Ultimate Purchase and Installation Guide


Before we changed the car into a car radio, we must be very excited, but then you will find some problems that confuse us. The factory or the seller will mention the terms double din radio and single din maybe half din.

Table of Contents:

1) What is DIN?

2) What is single din, what is double din radio, and what is 1.5 din and size?

3) What is the difference between best single din car stereo and double din radio?

4) How do we choose the best single din car stereo?

5) What should we know before buying?

6) How to install the double din radio into the 1.5 din car radio?

7) the best single din car stereo and 1.5 din are selected during installation.

8) Let us start to install your car audio, follow my method step by step.


1) What is DIN?



DIN is the acronym for Deutsches Institut für Normung because there are many types of cars on the market. For standardization, Germany was designated according to din 75490 in 1984, and the latter two standards were upgraded to the international standard ISO7736.


2) What is single din, what is double din radio, and what is 1.5 Din?


The reference standard for the stereo chassis size of best single din car stereo size is 178*50 mm or about 7*2 inches. Click on View More


The reference standard for the size of the stereo chassis with double din radio size is 180*100 mm or approximately 7*4 inches. Click on View More


1.5 din or half din, car audio between single din and double din radio, in simple terms is half of double din radio or half of the height of single din. Single din is rarely used, including Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, and trucks. It is height 3 inches and width 7 inches.


These standards only serve as a reference for the dimensions of the three-dimensional chassis of different vehicles. Different models have different installation rules, so there will not be much difference.

Between double din radio and single din car audio (there are other names on the Internet as double din radio/1 DIN car audio), there is also 1.5 DIN car audio. Of course, the appearance of this stereo is just to fit old cars. Useless.We provide the best choice.


 Type height width


 Types of DIN Height Width
Single Din Radio  2 inches  7 inches
Double Din Radio 4 inches 7 inches
1.5 Din / Din-and-a-half 3 inches 7 inches


 The car can be suitable for best single din car stereo or double din radio, but you'd better contact us before making sure, we will give you the best advice to know whether your car is suitable for single din car audio or double din radio.

Binize did a lot of tests before producing single din car audio and dual din audio products, and we studied different models. No need to worry about what model of car audio you need to buy. We will give you the most suitable choice.


For example:

If your host is 4inch high, then double din radio will be a direct substitute, or use best single din car stereo equipped with a certain type of installation kit can also meet, 1.5 din is the same. If your host is 3 inch high, then you can use a 1.5 din host to equip it with a suitable kit. In some cases, you can also use the full double din radio of the right instrument kit to replace the 1.5 din car audio. If your car stereo is 2 inches high, you can usually only use a single din car stereo.


3) What is the difference between a single din car stereo and a double din radio?


 double din sigle din

Same point best single din car stereo and double din radio:
  • 1-Touch screen, flexible touch, more technologically-sense operation experience. Color display, high resolution, strong visual experience.
  • 2- Running speed is fast.
  • 3-Through different application options, you can freely add your favorite applications to meet our different needs.
  • 4-Integrate with mobile phones, easily use Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and car radio Bluetooth to connect to your single DIN car audio or dual DIN audio.
  • 5-Perfect compatibility with the original functions of the vehicle. Such as steering wheel control, reversing camera function.


The difference between best single din car stereo and double din radio:

  • The size of the product is different. Compared with single din car audio, double din radio is smaller and saves interior space in the car. It is easier for us to store the wiring. Of course, single DIN car audio also has advantages. Some products have a folding function, when not in use, you can put a single DIN car audio in the car, the appearance is more beautiful and simple.
  • Single din including flip screen car stereo, floating screen


If your vehicle is a single din car stereo, you usually only need to replace a single din car stereo.


4) How do we choose the best single din car stereo?


With the advancement of technology, more and more cars are equipped with car audio at the time of purchase, but there are still some cars that do not have the best single din car stereo. Some of the functions we need very much cannot be used while driving. Bluetooth hands-free Telephone, navigation, high-definition video, high-quality audio, etc. affect our driving experience.

 The best single car stereo with high quality structure and preferential price

 The best single din head unit is smaller than the double din radio. Although some double din radio are smaller, the best single din car stereo mainframes are equipped with electronic displays. Just press a button, the screen instantly expands and contracts, saving space in the car. It is more sci-fi and more beautiful.

 Of course, many brands can make the best single din car stereo, which also provides many choices for everyone, such as the top single din car audio brands ALPINE, JVC, these brands have the ultimate pursuit of functional diversification.

 Binize pays more attention to comprehensive consideration of product quality, function, and budget, and launches the best high-end mono audio host. Eventually became the top 10 single din car audio.


5) What should we know before buying?


Before buying the best mono audio host, we should carefully read your driver and study whether it is suitable for your vehicle to prevent the loss of certain functions. The best single din host has many functions. We can ignore these issues. , Only need to pay attention to the installation size.


Single din car audio can only be replaced with best single din car stereo, but if your car is a double din radio, you can have more choices, you can also choose a single din car audio. You can get the right bracket to use best single din car stereo. It has another advantage. You can install an additional component, such as an equalizer, a built-in pocket, which can store things and mobile phones or other items and small objects.


You don’t need to change the double din radio to single din head unit to realize the worry, there is no difference in components between single din head unit and double din radio.

 The easiest way to distinguish the best single din car stereo is the screen resolution. The higher the resolution, the best brightness, and color of the product. Of course, the performance of the processor is generally not bad.

Of course, if you choose Binize, you may not need to buy these accessories again, please consult customer service before  buying. We have multiple options, 7 inch/ 8inch/ 9 inch/ 10 inch.


6) How to install the dual din car audio into the 1.5 din car-affected slot?


Usually, we just use 1.5 din car audio to replace the same size. But if you handle it properly, you can still install a dual din head unit.

 You can remove the baffle around the radio to see how much space there is. If there are partitions or storage bags on or under the previous radio, then I can be sure that you have enough space to install a dual din head unit. But you need to customize what you need

Borders and decorative pieces.


When dealing with the baffle, you have three options:

 1-Purchase a special baffle or car stereo instrument panel kit designed to install dual din car audio equipment. But you need to make sure that your dashboard fits your new car impact.

 2- Buy an OEM baffle for your car, this baffle is specially designed for dual din head unit. This should be a good choice. Therefore, the baffle or instrument panel of the new model is not suitable for the old model.

 3- Hire professionals to work for you. But make sure he has relevant work experience, some companies specialize in these jobs.


7) Single din and 1.5 din are selected during installation.


In most cases, the best option to upgrade a 1.5 din head unit is to install a single din car audio. Since a single din is 1 inch thinner than 1.5 din, it is easy to replace a larger one with a smaller one, and you are not allowed to do extra work.

 Many aftermarkets provide installation kits with appropriate brackets, gaskets, or storage bags. Used to fill the gap.

 Although dual din head unit is very suitable for video, navigation, and other functions.


8) Let us start to install your car radio, follow my method step by step.


Ⅰ. Misunderstandings in-car head unit installation

When replacing the car stereo, you may encounter some major problems:

  • Complex decoration and dashboard components: Few car radios can be taken out of the dashboard without problems. Some will be troublesome. If you are not careful, you may end up damaging the delicate decorative components of your car.
  • New car audio installation problem: If you buy car audio of the wrong size, you will have to abandon the installation or replace the product. This will take you a lot of time.
  • Wiring confusion: The car audio wiring is a very standard wiring color combination, but you may still encounter a situation where it is not clear where it should be connected. If your radio has been replaced in the past, this can easily happen.


Ⅱ. Handling and trimming dash kit components

First, let's take a look at the problems that may be encountered when handling and trimming the dash kit components. This is the first problem you may encounter.

If your vehicle has few trim parts and the center console or instrument panel components will not interfere with the disassembly of the main unit, then you can ignore this problem. If the situation is the opposite, you need to study carefully before you change the host.

In addition to viewing the dashboard, you can also search the web for the detailed introduction map of the dashboard or the center console to understand the challenges you are about to face.

If you can find a chart that matches the brand, model, and year of your car, you will be able to see exactly which trim parts must be removed to smoothly remove the old car stereo.

Remember to work slowly and sequentially, and never force or rush to do something.

Some trim components and dashboard components are bolted and positioned, while others are simply snapped in, so if something is not easy to remove, make sure to thoroughly check the screws and bolts before something is damaged.


Ⅲ. Repair coordination and installation problems

Potential problems you may encounter during installation include car stereos with the wrong dimensions, original car stereos with irregular shapes, and decorative parts that are not aligned properly after completion and thus cannot work.

The easiest way to ensure that you buy a car stereo device that fits your car is to find a device with the same size and specifications as the original device.

For example, if your original host is dual din, you can usually replace it with an aftermarket dual din host without any problems.

If you want to replace the dual din head unit with best single din car stereo aftermarket unit, you must obtain a suitable car multimedia installation kit.

Of course, this matter will not be so simple. If your car has a non-standard car stereo, then you must find a dashboard kit designed specifically for your vehicle. This makes the work a little more complicated, but in essence, it is still just a matter of removing the old car stereo, installing the dashboard kit, and then installing the new car stereo into the kit.


Ⅳ. Wiring the new car audio

 Wiring new car audio is usually the most worrying part of the installation process if you have no previous wiring experience. But if you have experience in this area, then you will find that work is much easier.

These harness adapters make the installation process plug-and-play, you only need to plug one end into the factory harness and the other end into the new host to start using.

If this is not available or does not understand, then you can use some basic tools to determine the purpose of your head unit sound line. Your new car radio comes with a wiring diagram or manual, usually with a legend printed on it, but if not, you can ask the customer service for help, and they will better answer the questions you need to know.


Ⅴ. Tools for installing new car radio

car radio tools

Some basic tools are needed to install car radio

, such as:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench or socket
  • Pry tool

 If you want to wire your wiring, including identifying the wiring harness yourself, instead of using the wiring harness, you also need:

  • Multimeter
  • 1.5V battery


You also need one of the following methods to connect the wires, including related accessories and materials:

  • Welding Supplies
  • Soldering iron
  • Welding
  • Heat shrink
  • Pressing supplies
  • Butt joint
  • Crimping pliers



After all the tools are ready, you can start the installation process.

Be sure to check out the tutorial we linked earlier in this article, or search for the Binize demo video to show how your exact vehicle can be separated and put back together. You can usually find this type of video on YouTube, but if your vehicle is a popular model, your luck will be better.