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How to Install a Double Din CarPlay Head Unit from Binize?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to Install a Double Din CarPlay Head Unit from Binize?


 When many young people have their first car, the first thing they can’t wait to do is to install a large touch screen car stereo. However, it is expensive to install in the local professional shop, and car stereos purchased from the Internet do not conclude installation services. So, installing by who self has become a cheap car stereo installation way for most people. Today, please follow Binize’s pace to have a detailed understanding of different wire harnesses.


Binize Double Din CarPlay Head Unit Wire Harness:

For getting a cheap car stereo installation from the Binize Double din CarPlay head unit, the most basic and important thing is the wiring harness connection.


All of the adapters are for the accessories we provide in the package and mentioned about this, please connect all the accessories we provide, cause any of them is useful and we will introduce for you one by one for a cheap car stereo installation ~


The most Important Wires from Binize Double Din CarPlay Head Unit


The black adapter is for the power cable wire harness, please plug it in tightly to ensure the stereo can be powered correctly~ And when you have a first look at the wire harness from Binize Double din CarPlay head unit, it’s not hard to find the yellow label which shows please make sure that all the wires are connected correctly or will cause the short circuit current. 


The red wire which is named ACC should be connected to your car ACC wire, the yellow one named B+ should be connected to your car battery positive and the black one named GND should be connected to your car battery negative pole. Please don’t mess them up or will cause damage to the stereo and which cannot be recovered ~ so pay attention to the wire connection for a cheap car stereo installation please~


These three are the most important things for powering up the stereo via a cheap car stereo installation, then let me introduce the other wires for you guys~


The orange wire which named ILL is for powering up the left buttons, it should be connected to your car low beam light wire, then when your low beam light is turned on, the left buttons can be light up at the same time also the lightness of the whole screen will be adjusted automictically, just for safety.


The blue wire which is named ANT is for your car's auto antenna, so if your car does have a radio auto antenna, need to plug it carefully and tightly. If not, no need to plug it, cause according to some customer feedback, if you connect the blue wire but your car doesn’t have the auto antenna, then the stereo cannot be turned off, which will harm your car battery.


The SW wires sometimes will also be called Key wires, they are for the steer wheel control. The successful use of steer wheel control requires the cooperation of two aspects: First is based on the correct wire connection, very easy, just need to connect these 2 wires separately to your car SW wires, if your car only has one SW wire, then you can twist the two wire harnesses together to your car SW wires. Second, need to learn the steer wheel function in the system. 

For the T3 system, we have a separate app for that named SW learning, you can follow the steps in the app, not difficult. For the MTK system, the steer wheel control learning is under the factory setting.


The brown wire which is named BACK or REVERSE is for the backup camera, should be connected to your car's backup camera trigger wire. And the successful use of a backup camera requires the cooperation of three aspects: First, need to ensure the correct wire connection.

The second needs to ensure the camera is compatible, our stereo can only support the standard camera. Third need to use the correct camera format in the system.


Okay, for now, all the wires with labels for a cheap car stereo installation are finished introducing, so what are the left wires without labels for? Yes, they are for your car speakers. As you can see these eight wires have four different colors, so two in the same color are in one group. For example, the purple one, very easy to connect, just needs to connect the pure purple wire to the positive pole of your car speaker, the purple and black wire need to be connected to your car speaker's negative pole. The rest is the same way a cheap car stereo installation.


So that's all about the power harness, next let me introduce the audio wire harness we provide.


Please note that our stereo can only support analogy steer wheel control, if yours are digital, then need to purchase a decoder for that.


First of all, all the wire harness from Binize Double din CarPlay head unit will be labeled except the speaker wires which is left during a cheap car stereo installation.


This white adapter is for the RCA jacks ~ First of all, you will notice that the pink wire named AMP-C, it’s for powering up your car amplifier if your car does have an amp, lol. According to the feedback of the previous customer, sometimes the pink wire named AMP-C cannot provide enough power for the amp, then you can replace it with the blue one we mentioned before because it seems that the blue line can provide more power.


Then the main RCA jacks we will use are the AUDIO OUT L & R jacks, they are for your car amplifier, so we recommend the 2-channel simple amplifier, very easy to connect, the red to red, white to white. If your car amp has more than 2 channels, then you will need split wires which can be divided into several branches, also the same connection way, red to red, white to white. Talk about this, when your car stereo meets a sound prob, the first step is to check the wire connection of the speaker and RCA wires, to see if they are wired correctly and tightly. Cause also according to some feedback from our customers, really some of them even don’t know if their car has an amplifier. Because they seek a cheap car stereo installation, they don’t pay more attention to all about their car.


These two are the most important things for powering up the amplifier, then let me introduce the other RCA jacks for you guys~


First of all, the green one is named Subwoofer, so we prepare your car subwoofer.

The black one named MIC is for the external mic, if the built-in mic cannot collect your voice well, then we recommend using the external mic from Binize Double din CarPlay head unit, due to the different production techniques, some external microphones are not fully compatible with our machine, which leads to no better effect.


Also, we support the AUX L&R IN, VIDEO IN & OUT. So, no need to worry about never have a chance to play cartoons for your child in the car ~ The openness of Android offers more possibilities for a cheap car stereo installation.


And don’t forget the other separated yellow adapter, it’s for backup camera signal input and also for the WIFI &Bluetooth signal reception. So, it’s an important part of the backup camera, also an antenna for signal reception. For example, if your car stereo doesn’t get well WIFI and Bluetooth reception, please cut the two little blue wires a little bit shorter, then it will strengthen the signal reception, many customers have already tried this way and it will always work. 

The package also includes the two USB wires, which are 4 pin USB 1,6 pin USB 2. The USB 1 is for transferring files from USB flash drive to the stereo, the USB 2 is for updating the T3 system, (also please note that only the T3 system can be updated for now), two brackets for helping the installation, one GPS device for receiving the signal from the satellite, which will do good to your navigation.


Which Functions Require the Perfect Coordination of The Wiring Harness?


So that's all about the RCA wire harness like we mentioned before: The successful use of all electronic products requires the perfect cooperation of software and hardware at the same time. The successful use of the following functions must be realized with perfect cooperation for a cheap car stereo installation:


①Back up the camera:

Here is the Backup Camera Diagram, please connect these wires correctly, that will work.


Please follow this video help on YouTube:

If your camera can be powered up, just show no signal, you can refer to the following steps:

1.click car setting 

2.click system setting 

3.click factory setting (password 16176699) 

4.click back car setting 

5.click HD reversing system 

6.Try each one of the following different formats


Here is a video for reference:

②Steer wheel control:

The realization of this function not only requires you to connect the corresponding harness correctly but also needs the SW wires connections are also correct. The two wires named SW or KEY you need to connect correspondingly as we mentioned above. And please note this: This item support only analog signal steering wheel control( just by connecting key1 and key2 wires accordingly), you need to order an extra Canbus decoder from your local car stereo installers if your has digital signal steering wheel control.


1.connect the SW wires correctly

2.click the icon named Steer wheel learning

3.click begin to learn

4.press the button on the steering wheel

5.select the key on the screen for learning

6.keep doing the same steps until all of the buttons are done2

7.click End learn


③Air Conditioning setting 

For cheap car stereo installation,this setting is only worked for specially customized Accord 2003-2007. Binize has two different systems for Accord. The air conditioning setting methods of these two systems are slightly different, please note:

For the T3 system cheap car stereo installation:

1.click car setting

2.click factory setting (password 16176699)

3.click CAN Typesetting

4.choose your car brand, model, year&version correctly

5.choose device

The following is a video for reference.


For MTK system:

1.click car setting

2.click factory setting (password 8888)

3.click protocol setting

4.choose Ruishengwei or Daojun or changyuantong

5.click Honda

6.click Accord 7

7.click Save 

8.Restart your car

The following is a video for reference.


In a previous blog post, we mentioned the problem of wiring harness briefly, now let’s review the content.


For example cheap car stereo installation

General model, Binize android 9.1 10.1 wiring diagram


This is a schematic example of a typical 2 din stereo wiring diagram. Clear icons and simple notes make everything clear at a glance.


What Basic Tools will you use During the Installation Process? 




Pry tool


If you do your wiring instead of using a plug-and-play harness, you also need:



12-14V simple power battery

You may also need the following methods of wire connection, including related accessories:


Welding supply:

Solder iron 



Heat shrinks:

Line affects supply 

Docking connector 

Wire crimping machine


After putting all the tools together, you can start the installation process.


What about Fitting and Mounting Problems?


Potential problems you may encounter in terms of fit and installation, including the wrong size of the replacement head unit, the abnormal shape of the original head unit, and the incorrect alignment of the trimming pieces, you finish the job.


The easiest way which you can make sure that the replacement cat stereo you need to buy is to pay attention to an original that meets the same size specifications.


Things have never been that simple. If your car has a substandard head unit, then you must find a dashboard kit specifically designed for your car. This makes the work a bit complicated, but in essence, it is still just one problem. Remove the old head unit, install the dashboard kit, and then install the new head unit to the kit.


Be sure to check out our tutorials, or search for videos that demonstrate how your car is disassembled and assembled. You can usually find this type of video on YouTube, but if your car is a popular model, your luck will be better.