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Best Selling 10 Inch 2 Din Car Stereo Host Multifunctional Introduction

YuanYuan Liu |

Best selling 10 inch 2 Din car stereo Host. Multifunctional introduction, Binize will choose the most suitable car audio for you.


"Which brand is better for touch screen stereo?" "Which price is more reliable?" "There are so many car functions, which ones are practical and which are not?" We will introduce you one by one through this article.


How to judge the quality of the product?

Most car owners who are unfamiliar with touch screen stereo, all choose products by directly identifying the brand and price. In addition to these methods, you can identify the pros and cons during the trial of the product.The most direct way to distinguish is to look at the resolution of the screen and the memory of the product. Generally, the higher the screen resolution and the larger the memory, the better the product.


What kind of products are popular today?

A few years ago, most people might still think that the basic functions of the car DVD navigations are the same except for the workmanship and the internal. However, with the loading of the Android system, some changes have taken place in the touch screen stereo market in the past few years.The large screen and many loadable functions make it the most popular product in the market.


10 Inch android car stereo from Binize

 When the Android car stereo just comes out, people always worry about stability. But over these years, the fluency of most Android cars stereo has improved a lot indeed.As competition increases, factories upgrade their products more and more frequently, and their performance and stability are becoming more mature.

 Binize 10 Inch android car stereo always at the forefront of the times. So next, let us introduce the most popular T3 system from Binize 10 Inch android car stereo functions in detail.

10 inch car radio

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 First of all, it’s a 10 inch touch screen car stereo, it’s a 2 Din head unit. It has the most advanced android system installed in the Double din 10 Inch android car stereo from Binize.

 First of all, you can notice that the home screen is very succinct. This is in line with our original thought: Transfer the functions of the iPad to the car stereo. Kind of like the Apple iOS system, so this is the latest system from Binize 10 Inch android car stereo, the system name is T3 system and it can be updated.

 Cause as you know that the electronic products are always updated with the development of technology. So, we will always keep the system version latest to meet the needs of different customers. And also, please note that only the T3 system can be updated, the other system cannot~ So, when you send a message to us, please bring with you your order id, then we can help you better with more correct methods.


For a car stereo, what are the most basic functions?

Navigation, Bluetooth, Radio, and so on. Both of Binize’s 10 Inch android car stereo's two most popular systems cover these functions. Okay, so what are these two systems? Let me introduce you to one today.


The first one is named the T3 system, which is the most advanced system Binize 10 Inch android car stereo has. And let us have a close look at this product from the following aspects:


User Interface: Succinct, it can be considered as a perfect grafting of the functions from the iPad to the car. The simple style makes the real interface look neater. T3 system from Binize T3 system 10 Inch android car stereo have 10different UI styles, you can choose anyone you like.



Specific function: The first thing Binize 10 Inch android car stereo must-have is the three necessary functions of a radio:

Navigation, please note that all the built-in maps from Binize 10 Inch 2 Din head unit are the online map. But it doesn’t mean Binize 10 Inch android car stereo doesn’t support offline maps. Which need you to download by yourself via a USB flash drive, and need keep the flash drive been connecting all the time, which will occupy a lot of running memory and stereo itself memory at the same time, so this is also the reason why we don’t have online map pre-download.





Bluetooth, any stereo in the world can support the BT function, of course, Binize 10 Inch android car stereo also supports that. If you wanna connect to Bluetooth, there is a green icon named Phone, you can click that and you will find the page for Bluetooth, click the setting icon, you can change the name and password for this Binize 10 Inch 2 Din head unit. And please note that the left icons can only be available after the Bluetooth is connected successfully. After the successful Bluetooth connection, you can get hands-free calling and enjoy your favorite Bluetooth music. And have to mention that for the latest version of the T3 system, there is a separate icon called BT music for wireless Bluetooth music.




Radio, Binize 10 Inch 2 Din head unit radio range is from FM87.5-108, the android 10 system also support AM, from the back of the stereo, there is also a hole for Auto Radio Antenna if your car does have an auto antenna for the radio, then need to plug it tightly and correctly. Also, there is a blue wire we mentioned before, which named ANT, is for providing power to the radio antenna.





 Let us come to the main screen of the T3 system. First, Binize 10 Inch 2 Din head unit support Audio setting, which can also be named EQ setting. The T3 system support 6 different music styles, you can choose anyone you like. Support sound field adjustment too, allows you to enjoy your favorite music in all directions. All the sound settings are collected together in the EQ settings from the newest T3 system from Binize 10 Inch 2 Din head unit. When you are adjusting some settings in the EQ setting page, you are also adjusting the details of the sound settings at the same time, which means you may get the sound effect you want by adjusting the more specific and professional EQ settings.


Binize 10 Inch 2 Din head unit also supports AUX function, it has AUX 1 & AUX 2. Next is the Car Info & Car Kit, please note that these two apps are designed for the specially customized car stereo, so for the normal type stereo, cannot support using these two functions. And for the Car Setting, we will leave it to the last one to introduce, cause Car Setting will always provide more possibilities.

So next is Chrome, it’s google chrome, if your google account cannot log in successfully, please update all apps involving Google services completely both from your phone and Binize 10 inch android car stereo 2 Din head unit.


File Explorer, which is for reading the content from the USB flash drive. You can check all the files in your USB flash drive, when you plug in the flash drive, it will show the disk option, which is for the USB flash drive especially. The next one is Instruction, please note that most stereo from Binize will contain a brief function instruction, we recommend reading the instruction firstly before using the Binize 10 inch android car stereo 2 Din head unit.


Miudrive, which is an app for the MirrorLink function, for the android 10 system of Binize 10 inch android car stereo 2 Din head unit, the MirrorLink app named Easy connection. And for the iPhone, you can just use the Airplay function to realize the MirrorLink function, it is a wireless connection, and no need to download the phone app. The following is the specific steps for the iPhone MirrorLink function:

  1. Swipe from your iPhone home screen;
  2. Choose AirPlay;
  3. Choose Miudrive.


For the android phone, it’s wired connection via original data cable to realize the MirrorLink function, do need to download the special app from the QR code which is attached under the Miudrive page. The following is the specific steps for the android phone MirrorLink function:

  1. Open About phone on your android phone setting page;
  2. Click Version Number multiple times in succession until the system prompts to be in developer mode;
  3. Go back to the phone settings page and click on Developer Options;
  4. Open developer options and turn on debug mode.
  5. Please note: Due to the difference in mobile phone models, the steps required to adjust the developer mode of different brands of android phones are not the same, please consult technical support for details.


 The local Music and Video function, they are both for the local music and video file transfer from your USB flash drive, support sound lossless music and HD video playing, bring you a fabulous experience of visual and auditory.


 Play Store, it’s a google app store, you can download many kinds of different apps you need. And this function needs to connect to house WIFI or phone hotspot, and don’t forget the reverse wire we mentioned before which has a little antenna for WIFI. And also, we recommend using the phone hot spot, cause sometimes, the signal received from the phone hotspot will be stronger than the house WIFI.

On the second page of the home screen, 10 inch android car stereo has a Rest function, screens off, and screen saver function. Please note that the screen saver can only be in the time clock format. Next is the Android Setting, you can check the WIFI, Apps using statue. You can also change the language and time here. Just like the normal setting under your smartphone setting.


Next is the Toolbox, which will be useful when the Miudrive needs to be activated. Also, support change wallpaper from the system and your favorite pics. And also have to mention the function of steer wheel control, this is the second step like we mentioned before for the steer wheel control function. For electronic devices, a perfect experience requires the cooperation of software and hardware to achieve at the same time, so please refer to the tips we mentioned before. 


At the same time, you can also notice that there is a square in the upper left corner, which is an icon for checking the previous app pages and also support the split-screen function. Just need to long-press the pages one by one, and also, we have a YouTube video for reference:

Note: If you cannot make it work the first time, please try more times. You can do it successfully if you do the steps correctly and successfully~


The last function from Binize 10 inch android car stereo 2 Din head unit is Car Setting. Like we mentioned before that car set will always provide more possibilities for your car life, so let me introduce one by one.


The left part is the general setting, the first one is the common setting: here you can check the hand brake option, headlight option, Beep option. And also support the mirror backup camera image and keep the backup camera volume. You can also choose Assistive Touch, there will be a little white circle helping the touch operation. This stereo also supports the Video pip function.


Navi software setting: here you can choose Boot Automatically Run Navigation, which means when your stereo is turned on, the navigation can appear automatically. You can also choose the open way of navigation, but we recommend the default one: Maps. Here you can also adjust the navigation sound mixing, which can change the rate from media and navigation sound.


Backlight setting: you can adjust the backlight of the screen here, and have to mention that when you connect the ILL wire we mentioned before, the lightness will also be changed automatically, for the sake of driving safety at night; Radio area we recommend the default setting; the default setting is for the default volume; Whitelist setting is prepared for installing third-party software, so when you want to install another app, the first thing after transferring the 3rd app apk to the stereo is to put it into Whitelist setting.


The right part is the System setting, first one is system info, you can check if your system version is the latest. The next one is Factory Reset, when your stereo meets some unsolvable problems, trying to restart may not be a bad way, and please note this operation will erase everything you have on this 2 din head unit before. Next is the system update option, please note that always like we mentioned before, only the T3 system from Binize 10 Inch 2 Din head unit can be updated, and if you wanna know how to update the T3 system of Binize 10 Inch 2 Din head unit, please come to contact our technical support for help.


Factory Setting is the last option is the top priority, here you can make more detailed adjustments to your 2 din head unit. Which we will introduce to you next time. Please keep following Binize who will always bring you smart car life.