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How to upgrade your car stereo in 2016 nissan sentra

YuanYuan Liu |

How to upgrade your car stereo in 2016 nissan sentra


Time to upgrade the old factory car stereo in your 2016 nissan sentra. Now, a touch screen car stereo is very common. Maybe the factory car stereo that came with your car is not bad for you, but upgrading your car radio is a great way to access modern features like CarPlay, Android Auto. To install a car stereo replacement is simple enough to do by yourself, and this article will tell you how to replace it step by step.


nissan sentra


Car Stereo Installation Tools You Can Use


  • Door Panel Pullers
  • Flathead and Phillips Screwdrivers
  • Wire Solder Seal Connectors  
  • Heat Gun (only if you get the solder seal connectors)



Steps to remove the old car stereo from Nissan Sentra


Step1 Remove the panel

Insert a suitable screwdriver or other tools into the gap in the frame around the center console and pry it open until the panel bounces off the dashboard. Unplug the wiring to the bezel, remove the dash plate.


Step2 Remove the bracket

Remove the screws under both panels with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull down the trim panel around the stereo including two-handed air-conditioning control. Unplug the wires on the back.


Step3 Disconnect the wires

Unscrew the radio from the dashboard with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull it out of the dashboard and disconnect the wires on back by hand.


nissan sentra


Steps to install the car stereo replacement for Nissan Sentra


Step1 Connect the new wires

Match the wires of the car’s harnesses to the new stereo harnesses, including the radio antenna adapter and GPS device. BINIZE car stereo package will include a power harness and plug and play wire for the car stereo. so it is easy to figure out which one fits the car’s connector. To be safe, before installation, check the wiring diagrams of both your car and the new stereo.


Step2 Test the car stereo

Put the new car stereo into the panel. Powering up to test the car stereo. Double-check the screen and some functions of the unit, play a piece of music to check the sound quality. If they fail to turn on, the problem could be from the wiring. If you’re satisfied, enjoy your new car stereo!


Step3 Reinstall the bracket and panel

Replace the screws that hold the panel in place. (There are 4 screws in the package)


nissan sentra


What can CarPlay and Android Auto bring to you in 2016 Nissan Sentra?


CarPlay and Android Auto make you realize the smarter, safer, and more interesting way to sync an iPhone and Android phones in a vehicle. CarPlay gives iPhone users a direct way to make hands-free calls, use online Maps, listen to music from your phone, and access messages with just a word or a touch.

Android Auto let users enjoy wireless or wired connectivity and control of Android phones in the vehicle. It allows users to make hands-free calls, navigate with Google Maps or other navigation apps, listen to music and get access to messages from their phone.