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How to Replace the 2006 Honda accord Air Conditioner Filter

YuanYuan Liu |

How to Replace the 2006 Honda accord Air Conditioner Filter


Summer is here, and it's time for the air conditioner to play an important role. At this time, it is necessary to replace the air conditioner filter element that has been used for a winter. 2006 Honda accord can be considered as a representative of dual AC. So, how to replace the Honda accord AC filter?  


2006 Honda accord


2006 Honda accord air filter is generally located behind the co-pilot glove box. The replacement method of the Accord air conditioner filter element is to prepare a new air conditioner filter element in advance, and pay attention to the applicable model. Then start to disassemble the kit from the passenger seat:


First of all, open the guard plate to remove the clip, here you need to remove a hexagon socket screw, after that you will be able to remove the small cover, take out the air conditioner filter element and replace it with a new one. Also need to pay much attention to the filter direction, which prevent reverse installation. Then power on the car, turn on the air conditioner to the maximum, check if there is any air leakage, and then tighten the screws.


2006 Honda accord


Replacement Tips:


After using for a period of time, the 2006 Honda accord AC filter function in the air conditioner filter element will decrease, so you can go to the auto parts shop to buy a suitable air conditioner filter element for replacement.


  1. If the air flow from the air conditioner is significantly reduced, the air conditioner filter element may be clogged. The filter element should be cleaned first, or replaced if necessary.


  1. The frequency of cleaning depends on the road conditions (dusty roads, etc.). It is recommended to clean earlier.


  1. The air conditioner filter element should be correctly installed in its position. Using the air conditioner with the air conditioner filter element removed may cause deterioration of the dustproof performance and affect the performance of the air conditioner.


  1. For cities with poor air quality, it is recommended that riders replace the air conditioner filter element twice a year to ensure your health.


2006 Honda accord


Cleaning tips:


If the 2006 Honda accord AC filter element is dirty, clean it by blowing compressed air from the reverse side. 5cm away from the filter element, hold the airgun and blow at a pressure of 500kPa for about 2 minutes.


The filter element of the air conditioner is very easy to be stained with a lot of dust. You can use a leather tiger or high-pressure air to blow off the floating dust. Do not wash it with water, otherwise it will be easily destroyed.


When the 2006 Honda accord AC is driving with the air conditioner, it needs to inhale the external air into the cabin, such as dust, pollen, soot, etc. If there is no air conditioning filter, once these particles enter the cabin, not only will the car air conditioner be polluted, the performance of the cooling system will be reduced, but also the human body will have allergic reactions and irritability after inhaling dust and harmful gases, which will affect driving safety.