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FAQ for Auto Connector CarPlay BOX

YuanYuan Liu |

FAQ for Auto Connector CarPlay BOX

 Auto adapter


Q: How to troubleshoot issues with Android AUTO not functioning properly on this Auto Connector?


A: Firstly, check for updates to Android Auto on your phone by directly searching for it on the Google Play Store. Secondly, make sure to check for updates to all apps that involve Google services. One last step, restart your phone. By the way, check the resolution of your car head unit. If the resolution of your car head unit is 1920*720, then you will need to adjust the video output resolution of your Android Auto mobile device.


Q: What should I do if my Auto Connector TBox product prompts "Apple CarPlay cannot be activated/started" when connected to the Automotive Head Unit in some cars?


A: This issue may be caused by the vehicle's default settings. Here is a solution:

1.Turn off the engine.

2.Lock the car for about 10 minutes.

3.After 10 minutes, while the car is in park mode (P), connect the TBox to the USB/type-C port.


Q: While upgrading the firmware on my Auto Connector TBox product, I encountered the prompt "MSG_ANDROID_FILE_ERROR". What might be the cause of this issue?


A: The cause of this problem may be: An error occurred during the firmware download process. Or the TF card was not selected properly.

Solution: Firstly, ensure that the firmware file is downloaded correctly and not corrupted. Secondly, ensure that the correct TF card is selected. If the firmware file is correct, but you still encounter the error, try replacing the TF card.

When selecting a TF card, it is recommended to format it as FAT32. If using a 128G TF card, format it as exFAT. It is important to note that "Quick Format" should not be selected during formatting.


Q: What if I use wireless CarPlay/Android Auto without a SIM card on Auto Connector products?


A: When using wireless CarPlay/Android Auto without a SIM card, the Android system may encounter network problems. The hotspot switch on the phone may also turn off automatically, while the WiFi remains on to connect to the wireless CarPlay/Android Auto.


When returning to the TBox’s original Android from wireless CarPlay/Android Auto, the Android system may be disconnected from the network. To address the issue, users can insert a SIM card that can provide network to the TBox. Then when using to wireless CarPlay/Android Auto, the box will automatically turn on the phone hotspot switch to establish a successful connection.



Q: What is Auto Connector TBox and what issue do some users encounter when using its wireless CarPlay/Android Auto?


A: The problem may be in the resolution (Car Head Unit/smart phone).


1.If the car head unit has the ability to adjust its resolution, try connecting to wireless CarPlay/Android Auto with various resolution settings. If the car screen successfully connects to wireless CarPlay/Android Auto, it indicates that the phone's resolution needs to be modified to match the resolution of the car head unit.


2.To modify the resolution in Android Auto developer mode, first enable Developer Mode by tapping on the version number at the bottom of the Android Auto settings page. Then, access "Developer settings" in the upper right corner and modify the Video Resolution there.


3.If your car offers the option to turn on CarPlay/Android Auto split screen, it may be necessary to enable this setting for the connection to work. Note that not all cars have this option available.


Q: What should I do if I encounter a situation where I cannot click on individual options in certain apps or the options are beyond the screen in Auto Connector Tbox's Android system?


A: To address the issue of options being inaccessible or beyond the screen in Tbox's Android system, you can adjust the display size in the Tbox settings. Try minimizing the display size and see if you are able to click on the necessary buttons. If you are able to click on the buttons, you can restore the original display size in the Tbox settings after completing the task. However, if you are still unable to click on the buttons, it may indicate that your radio does not support the required feature. In such cases, you can modify the display size on a different radio model, click on the button, and then transfer the changes back to your radio.


Q: How to deal with the disconnection on the Auto Connector TBox ?


A: Make sure you are using the original data cable that came with the TBox. If the original cable doesn't work, try using a high-quality data cable. Check the car interface to ensure it's in good condition and connected securely to the TBox. Some users have reported poor contact or a loose connection. Consider using a Type-C port to see if that resolves the issue.