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How about Ford F 150 pickup truck in American?

YuanYuan Liu |

How about Ford F 150 pickup truck in American?


The ford F 150 has always been Ford's classic pickup, ranking the top ten best-selling cars in the United States, winning the title of America's Best Car for so many years, and it sells much more than any other truck brand. That's right, the length of the car is 5910mm, the height of the car is 1992mm, the width of the car is 2192mm, and the weight is nearly 3.2 tons. It is indeed a tall and mighty muscular man.


Ford F 150


It is mentioned that Ford believes that even users who drive three-cylinder cars such as Focus may be yearning for the Ford F 150 series, mainly the Raptor, or the Mustang Mustang sports car;The iconic model of American cars is the pickup, and the Ford F 150 series Ford pickup is the most sold in its home market.However, the price of this car is not as high as imagined, although it is also a high-end American car; its starting price is only $266.15 million, and the price of the Raptor version is $64,145, which is equivalent to the price of the Ford Explorer.


Ford F 150


How powerful is the Ford F 150 Raptor itself?


  1. Appearance


In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 5910/2192/1992mm respectively, and its wheelbase is 3708mm. It adopts 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, and the double-five-spoke section style is very fashionable. At the same time, the tires use  brand pickup AT tire which are 315/70 R17 and come standard with a tire pressure monitoring system.


  1. Engine power


The longer the wheelbase of the car, the smaller the longitudinal passing angle will be, and it will be easy to support the bottom when going over rough roads; so there are only two extremes for off-road vehicles. The first is the size bias such as BJ40, Tank 300, Wrangler, etc. Small off-road vehicles, the second category is military off-road vehicles such as Hummer H1. Raptor is about the size of a raptor or a hummer


  1. Interior

In terms of interior, the original style of Ford F 150 is continued, the layout is simple and neat, and the interior also uses a lot of straight lines. In terms of interior, the center console is also wrapped with soft material with stitching process, and the seats are made of leather.


Ford F 150


When it mentioned about the accessories interior, we have to mention central car head unit.Cars have become a necessity for many households in the United States. Even many students in school own their own cars.Therefore, the central control car head unit also has a great demand. Binize is  an expert on this.Especially for the Ford Focus.



Ford F 150



The 14th-generation Ford F 150 continues the story of this storied classic, it will also be the first pickup to offer an electrical system, and it must have come a long way since 1948, This is accompanied by a cargo van at the rear of the car and a blue oval Ford badge up front.

Ford F 150