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How to find my car radio code?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to find my car radio code?



The main role we are talking about today-car stereo. I bet most car enthusiasts must be very familiar with it. It can be seen even in some of the low-model models on the market. However, as time passed, the system is bound to accumulate so many junk files that it will make the car stereo slow down or freeze. So, what we need to do when meet a problem like this or you just have the need to unlock your car radio? At this time, we need to restore the original factory settings. But many car owners forget what the factory password is, and don't even know the existence of this thing.


Then it’s the turn for factory password. What is the password for all car stereo factories? Are the passwords for all navigations the same?


Actually, there is no fixed number for the factory-set password of car stereo. The factory car radio code produced by different brands may be different. (Generally speaking, the simple factory car radio code is 0000 or 1234, if your password is four digits, you can have a try.) Even the car radio code of different years car is a little different.


Then if you want to know the password of your car's navigation factory, the way you can do is to refer to the user manual. If even the manual is lost, the only way you can do is to call the corresponding customer service directly for that. Some people will choose to go to a nearby decoding service shop to decipher with a decoder, but that will cost a lot of money.


So today, let’s take a look at how many passwords are there for the most popular T3 system from Binize?


No.1 Factory password: 16176699



The T3 factory system includes multiple settings such as reversing images, map preferences, etc. Each option has to go through this path: Car Setting- Factory setting- Password. So the factory password of the T3 system is very important


No.2 Restore Factory data password: 1234



When your car stereo's Bluetooth, WIFI or even GPS signal is not so good, restoring factory settings is the easiest way to solve the problem. It's a good thing to start from the beginning again. The path is: car setting-system setting-factory reset-erase everything-1234


No.3 Change different User Interface password:111333



T3 system Android 9 supports 10 different user interfaces, and Android 10 supports 3. There is always a design style you will like. The path is:


1.Car setting

2.System setting

3.Factory setting(password:16176699)

4.Style setting(password:111333)

5.Choose one u like and click "save"

6.Wait for the restart of the unit


Of course, some models can be restored with free factory password. At that time, you will just need to prepare a hard thing such as a paperclip or toothpick, and then directly poke the RST hole (reset button) which is normal at the let upper corner of the touch screen to restore. Just like a computer recovery system, a lot of junk files will definitely accumulate after a period of use. At this time, just reinstall the system and it will return to normal.


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