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How to Make Your Head Unit with Wireless Android Auto

YuanYuan Liu |

How to Make Your Head Unit with Wireless Android Auto


Do you recently use Android Auto or CarPlay on your car and wish that you could connect to it without having to plug that pesky USB cord? Or is your car stereo system out of date and you cannot download any apps on the stereo? If you said “yes” to either of these questions, then don’t worry, you can now make your head unit with wireless Android Auto, even if it is a factory car stereo.


wireless android auto


If you currently own a car that OEM wired CarPlay compatibility but you want it works wirelessly, then there is one solution for you. Binize came out with one CarPlay wireless adapter that plugs directly into your car’s head unit and then relays the signal to your smart phone via WiFi and Bluetooth effectively giving you wireless CarPlay/Android Auto, also, convert the stereo system of the radio to Android system (Binize Tbox 1.0 is Android 9, the latest is Android 10), you can download YouTube, Netflix or Disney+ to your stereo.


Check the video below (Binize Tbox 1.0):



How to set up Binize TBox?


1.Plug the Tbox into the factory stereo’s USB port

2.Turn on Bluetooth of the iPhone/Android phone

3.Enter the Bluetooth interface then pair


When the Bluetooth connection is successful, it will automatically connect to CarPlay/Andriod Auto. So next time you get into the car and power the stereo on, it would connect to CarPlay/Andriod Auto automatically.


wireless android auto


Why you need to make your head unit with wireless Android Auto?


The main reason that you would want wireless Android Auto is that you don’t have to plug in your phone to connect to the car stereo system, which means that you can also charge your phone wirelessly. On the other hand, when you power on your car stereo, it will automatically connect to Android Auto/ CarPlay. I think that's the most important feature that people prefer!


Last but not least, on the factory car stereo, all you have for entertainment is an AM/FM radio offline download video and audio streaming from CarPlay. Do you want to watch video on YouTube or Netflix? Binize Tbox can also convert your simple stereo system to Android system, so your stereo now become an Android one, there’re a bunch of apps for you to install. You can get all apps to go with internet connected.