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How do I add the wireless CarPlay to my car

How do I add the wireless CarPlay to my car

YuanYuan Liu |

How do I add the wireless CarPlay to my car


Hello everyone, my name is Gundam. Not long ago, finally I decided to remodel my car: adding a  CarPlay to my car. In fact, before this, I have been understanding how the CarPlay function is implemented. There are several ways to achieve it, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so I haven been wavering for a while.The final solution is to use the AI Multimedia Box to get this function. Now this box has been used for almost a month, and the advantages and disadvantages are basically presented. So today I'm going to talk about how do I add the wireless CarPlay to my car.


wireless CarPlay


Why I add the wireless CarPlay to my car


Firstly,let me talk about why I want to add the AI Multimedia Box. The reason is very simple, the original car is too backward, and the operation logic is not particularly good.Especially the conservative Subaru, the car UI is just like 10 years ago. In fact, I don't really have high requirements for the car, even without a screen. But since you have this screen and you have spent money on it, you must make this screen worthy of the payment. But the actual situation is that although this car machine on Subaru is already a relatively good one among Japanese cars, the overall functionality is still a little worse. The interface is inconvenient to operate, let alone the UI.It's not very useful, and the interface is even stuck. After careful consideration, I decided to add the wireless CarPlay function to the vehicle.


wireless CarPlay


The way to achieve wireless CarPlay and its advantages and disadvantages


At present, there are two main methods:  replace the existing radio with a new head unit with the CarPlay function and install the AI Multimedia Box. Both ways have their pros and cons, let's take a look


1.replace the original radio


If your car does not have CarPlay system, the only way to achieve CarPlay is to replace the original radio. The advantage of replacing is that the system is well matched. After all, the CarPlay function is built in, and the screen resolution will generally be improved, and the overall picture will be much better,and the matching degree after installation is also very good, it is almost impossible to see that it is a product added later.But the deficiencies are also very obvious, you need to remove the original car radio, which is not friendly to friends who don't like dismantling cars.


wireless CarPlay


2. insert a AI Multimedia Box


AI Multimedia Boxes are a great option. But using the AI Multimedia Box requires a necessary condition: the original car supports wired CarPlay. If not, there is no way to use.The advantage of the AI Multimedia Box is that the installation is almost fool-proof, plug and play. The disadvantage is that the stability is not as good as replacing the original radio.For me, who doesn't want to dismantle the car, I have never considered replacing the car radio to achieve the wireless CarPlay function. So more focus is on the AI Multimedia Box. The reason why I have been entangled is that I am worried about stability and fluency.But after several upgrades, these problems have been solved.I am so happy for that, and enjoy the wireless CarPlay in my car.