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Bluetooth Car Stereo Functions

YuanYuan Liu |

Bluetooth is an open global specification for wireless data and voice communication. It is a special short-range wireless technology connection based on a low-cost short-range wireless connection to establish a communication environment for fixed and mobile devices. It enables some current portable mobile devices and computer devices to connect to the Internet without cables and can access the Internet wirelessly. So when Bluetooth is developed for car stereo, it is undoubtedly a new experience that people have never experienced before.
Bluetooth is a function that can be found in original equipment (OE) and aftermarket car radio, and it is not limited to any specific head unit configuration. Whether it's single/double din car radio or flip out car radio. It is easy to find a touch screen car stereo with BlueTooth and GPS. This wireless communication protocol allows devices to communicate with each other within a distance of 30 feet, so it is ideal for creating small personal area networks in cars or trucks.
The security, convenience, and entertainment functions provided by Bluetooth car stereo are quite diverse. But it is not limited to the head unit with this function built-in. Even if your car audio does not have Bluetooth, as long as you have suitable additional components, you can still use functions such as hands-free calling or even Internet audio streaming.

What is a Bluetooth Car Stereo?

Bluetooth car stereo is car audio with a built-in Bluetooth function. The Bluetooth car stereo system controls other audio components in your car, the car stereo usually comes with a radio that can play CD or mp3, has a built-in amplifier or pre-amplifier output, and can also be connected to speakers.
In addition, the Bluetooth car stereo supports the BT connection. You can connect mobile phones or other portable electronic devices to the car radio. Many of the best car radios on the market have Bluetooth capabilities.

Hands-Free Calling

Although it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving in many areas, most of these laws are exempt from hands-free calling. Although many mobile phones offer hands-free options, and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones can be directly paired with headsets, the Bluetooth car stereo can provide a more complete experience.
Generally, the Bluetooth car stereo can use two profiles to realize hands-free calls:

  • l Headset profile (HSP): Usually found in hands-free calling kits. Offers basic functionality only.
  • l Hands-free profile (HFP): More fully featured. Usually found in Bluetooth car stereos.

When you pair your phone with a device that supports a hands-free profile, the head unit will usually lower or mute the volume when the call is initiated. You don't need to get your hands off the steering wheel to operate the machine. This type of BlueTooth integration provides significant convenience and increased safety.

Audio Streaming

The head unit supports Bluetooth audio streaming, allowing you to send music and other sound files from your phone to your car stereo via a wireless connection. If you have music, audiobooks, or other content on your phone, the Bluetooth car stereo that supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) will be able to play this content.
In addition, you can play online radio like Pandora, and Spotify. If your Bluetooth car stereo supports an audio/video remote control profile (AVRCP), you can even control streaming audio from the head unit.

Bluetooth Car Stereo Alternatives

If your car stereo does not have a Bluetooth connection, but your phone does, you can still take advantage of these same features. This experience won’t be as seamless as the car’s BlueTooth speakers, but there are many kits and other hardware that can provide you with hands-free calling, audio streaming, and other features. Here are several potential Bluetooth car stereo alternatives for reference:

  •  Bluetooth hands-free car kits
  •  Mounted speakerphones
  •  Bluetooth audio streaming kits