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Why Radio won’t Turn on After Battery Cable Replacement

YuanYuan Liu |

Sometimes, due to a malfunction, you need to get a battery cable replacement. You may think that nothing would be left after the replacement, but when you want to use your car radio, you find it can’t be turned on. What is going on, why does change a car battery cable replacement affect the radio? How to solve this problem? This article will tell you the answer.



Under normal circumstances, the car radio cannot be turned on after getting battery cable replacement. There are three reasons. One is that the fuse is damaged during the installation of the battery cable. When the power surge is too high, the fuse or radio will be damaged; the other is that the radio is locked. The safety function of the radio will cause the radio to lock after the battery cable is replaced; the third is the improper installation of the battery cable.


Damaged fuse after the battery cable replacement


When you change the battery cable and start it for the first time, a large current may suddenly be generated. A jump start may cause damage to electrical components, which will affect the power distribution of different parts of the car (including car batteries).


Quick start can also cause electrical surges in the car's electrical components, which can due to the fuse overload. If this is the situation, you need to take your car to the service station for a thorough inspection. This shows how to use the correct jumper cables and connect these cables and chargers correctly can protect your car's electronic components.



The Radio is Locked


Some car radios now have a built-in anti-theft function. When the car battery is dead or the car’s power supply is disconnected, the car’s anti-theft function will automatically start. The radio and other related functions can only be activated when the correct code is required. If you enter the wrong code, the radio will remain locked. When the aftermarket radio does not work after replacing the battery, you should use the car radio code.

The radio code used to activate the car radio can be found in the manual. Enter this code after starting the engine, and you can make the car radio work again. If you cannot find the code, please contact your dealer.


Incorrectly installed car battery cable replacement


An incorrect installation car battery may also cause the radio and other electronic components to fail. Check your car's user manual to find out the correct way to install the battery, and you can also ask for a professional car repair expert.


In this article, three reasons have been listed. I think you already know why the car radio cannot be turned on after getting the battery cable replacement or why your car radio cannot work after changing the battery cable. So, you don’t have to panic when this happens.



 You can first check if the radio is locked, you need to input it to work. Secondly, check if the fuse is burned out, if it turns out, it needs to be replaced. But in any case, when your radio fails to turn on after the battery runs out, don't worry and stay calm.