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How to install camera on 2007 porsche 911 ?

How to install camera on 2007 porsche 911 ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to install camera on 2007 porsche 911 ?


First of all, thanks so much for Binize customer David Fertell writing this paper sincerely. Today we gonna introduce how to install a back up camera for 2007 porsche 911 .


2007 porsche 911


For the back up camera wiring, I went across the driver’s side footwell, down past the fuse box, and then under the sill, then towards the back of the car.


I then removed the driver’s side rear interior panel to help route the camera wiring. To remove that panel, the little trim piece around the cavity for the seatbelt pops off, then the torx screw there removed. Then the whole panel can come right out of the car, allowing easier access to the grommet behind the left taillight. The CAI back up camera instructions start from the back and go forwards, but for the life of me I am not sure how one could route the wiring behind the rear interior panel without removing that panel, though I know folks have done it.


Generally, I then followed the CAI back up camera instructions by poking a hole in the grommet. However, to more easily mount the back up camera, I removed the rear bumper (which is not too bad of a job actually).


Note that I actually split the whole job up into two parts over the course of a few days. First completing the stereo installation, then finishing the back up camera wiring another time.


The camera needs to be fed power and ground. For the ground, I soldered an eyelet onto the end of the wire, and secured that to the bolt holding the expansion tank in place. For power, I tapped into the backup light wire, so that it is only on when reverse is selected. See the CAI instructions for details.


2007 porsche 911



Note: Binize has a separated wire especially for backup camera of 2007 porsche 911

 2007 porsche 911


Here is the reverse wire,connect it,there are two little blue short wire with it and one is for WiFi signal,one is for Bluetooth signal,connect it for strengthen the signal.


If the above still does not work, please cut the two blue wires a little shorter~and your car radio signal prob will be fixed well~


The below is a video for reference:



Composition of reversing camera


The above mentioned is only one of the components of the reversing camera. In addition to the correct connection with the yellow RCA jack, the trigger line of the camera also needs to be correctly connected.In Binize power harness, there is a special reversing trigger wire, which can supply power to the yellow RCA jack for 2007 porsche 911 when connected correctly.