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How to get Porsche apple CarPlay ?

How to get Porsche apple CarPlay ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to get Porsche apple CarPlay ?


First of all, thanks so much for Binize customer David Fertell writing this paper sincerely.Today, getting into the car with CarPlay is as habitual as getting in the car and wearing a seatbelt. How to get Porsche apple CarPlay , you will find answer here~


In any event, the only pins I worried about are as follows:



Porsche apple CarPlay


Plug A


4 - Terminal 30 (German automotive speak for 12v power) 5 - Terminal 30 for windscreen antenna

8 - Terminal 31 (German automotive speak for ground)


Plug D – this one is obvious when you plug in the antenna adaptor.


Those ‘terminal’ listings really threw me for a loop, but they are standardized DIN designations for automotive terminals.


I had quite a bit of difficulty figuring out the wiring, and shyamvenky was very helpful to explain. I think if I knew the theory behind it better, I would have understood it better with Porsche apple CarPlay.


Porsche apple CarPlay


So in brief:


  1. aftermarket head unit needs 12v constant and 12v switched power; constant to keep memory, switched power to turn it on with the ignition;
  2. there is no switched 12v power off the OE stereo harness on the chassis side (unless off the CAN bus, but that is outside the scope of this document) so a switched 12v source needs to be located; Plug A only has 12v constant and ground (plus the antenna power wire);
  3. the MOST adaptor is triggered by the amp turn on wire from the aftermarket head unit;
  4. the OE Bose system ‘feeds’ the speakers through the MOST fibre optics, and not the traditional wiring to speakers (which is how we used to install car stereos back in the day!!);
  5. generally, for aftermarket components, black is ground, yellow is 12v constant, and red is 12v switchedof Porsche apple CarPlay head unit;
  6. that colour convention does not extend to factory, where they have so many more wires and circuits to consider so they have multiple colour combinations;


Porsche apple CarPlay


Here is what I did very specifically:


  1. removed all of the speaker positive and negative wires from the Metra harness (optional, but nice to tidy up the wiring; the terminal removal tools are useful here);
  2. cut and capped off the corresponding speaker wires off the head unit harness;
  3. note that two of the pins on the Metra harness may need to be swapped to ensure the colour coding convention is retained;
  4. from the big orange wire behind the HVAC controls (for switched power, per the CAI instructions), to red on the head unit harness;
  5. from pin 4 on the chassis harness (red/green wire), to yellow on the Metra harness, to yellow on the head unit harness;
  6. from pin 8 on the chassis harness (big brown wire), to black on the Metra harness, to black on the head unit harness;
  7. blue/white, or sometimes just blue, off the head unit harness is connected to the red wire on the MOST adaptor (this ‘triggers’ the MOST adaptor and turns on the amp);
  8. yellow on the MOST adaptor is connected to yellow on the Metra;
  9. black on the MOST adaptor is connected to black on the Metra.
  10. purple on the head unit harness goes to the red wire off the backup camera’s yellow RCA connector (optional, only required if installing back up camof Porsche apple CarPlay );
  11. green off the head unit harness goes to the yellow wire under the handbrake per the CAI instructions (optional);
  12. orange/white (dimmer) off the head unit harness goes to the grey/orange behind the HVAC controls, per the CAI instructions (optional);
  13. connect fakra antenna adaptor to chassis antenna wire, then to the back of the head unit;
  14. disconnect and ignore all other connectors not mentionedof Porsche apple CarPlay , ie. GPS, CAN bus connectors (respectively, the yellow fakra connector and Plug C in the diagram/picture above).