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How to make magic box carplat netflix play?

How to make magic box carplat netflix play?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to make magic box carplat netflix play?


I'm a NYC rideshare taxi driver and I thought this device would make me no longer need to use a phone in the car.


make magic box carplat


The good:


I am very happy with my purchase. Been using it for several weeks now. Works flawlessly. I share the car with my daughter. It picks up both phones and you select which one it connects to. No more plugging in the phone. As others have mentioned there is a small delay but it’s barely noticeable when selecting skip forward on music. Navigation seems to be unaffected by the delay. We use it on a 2022 Toyota Tundra. To make magic box carplat netflix play.


Worked right out of the box. No updating was necessary. Just plug it in and it does the rest. Only thing I don’t like and I’m really digging deep on this. It has a flashing green light that lets you know when it’s connected. At night it’s a little annoying. I have it mounted under the dash so it’s not to bad but I can see it bothering others. Piece of black tape would fix the issue. Also it stays on all the time. I kind figured it would shut off with the switch.


So if your type c stays hot you’ll need to unplug it if you’re not driving the car for a long period of time. And since it’s always on my phone tends to stay connected to the car when I’m inside the house. So sometimes I don’t have any video volume until I turn off Bluetooth. The antenna reach is insane. But I love it and it does exactly what the description says. Would buy again.




YouTube picture in picture works really well


Lyft driver seems to work pretty well


Tidal music is working so far


The app store had many things to download


Its snappy and responsive to touch


Bluetooth audio connects well


Putting a sim card in works good


The device is very small and slim so can be tucked away easy.


 make magic box carplat


It kinda works but not fully.


Some issues:


Uber Driver is almost unusable. The map doesn't show and the go online button is greyed out. If you use destination filter, it does go online but only while the filter is set. In NYC the destination filter is disabled. I think this can be fixed with an update. Not sure though.


Cannot make magic box carplat netflix play always. You can still go online but I suspect it won't last for long.


YouTube music can't be removed, only disabled


Home screen can't be edited so the music Box on the first page stays. You can slide it to another page but can't get rid of it.





I'd love to work with the manufacturer to get this app working. It lyft driver can work. I don't see why uber driver shouldn't.


 make magic box carplat