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How to make cars with apple play ?

How to make cars with apple play ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to make cars with apple play ?


So a buddy of mine actually told me about devices that would make your cars with apple play wireless (I was pretty upset it wasn’t already from the factory). He told me he had just bought this one but had not tried it yet.

After having him send me the link, I noticed it only had 5 star ratings. So I was happy. Then I saw it was only 4-5 users who had rated.

So it made me cautious about buying it…

Long story short, I bought it… cause I can always return it if it doesn’t work, right?

Well it arrived, I hooked it up. And it worked amazingly!

So amazing, that I bought my GF one, and a friend of ours one as well!

I love this product.

From start up to cars with wireless CarPlay in 20 seconds or less.


cars with apple carplay


The occasional glitch does happen where I have to unplug the usb and plug it back in, but that is once in a blue moon.


I emailed with the maker of the product and he told me of a firmware update I’m supposed to do.

(Turns out it came with the instructions that I did not read and tossed in the trash… cause you know… I’m a guy and we don’t read instructions) lol whoops.


He sent me the instructions via email and it only took 2 min to update.

I blame a lot of that on the fact that I only had 1 bar of cell service when I did it.


Overall amazing product for making cars with apple play wireless. Fast and friendly customer service support.

Extremely satisfied.


Update :


So far so good. It connects every time and always works. The more that I have used it, I am still impressed. So far I have only found one difference between cars with apple play wired vs wireless.... and that is when changing songs with the buttons on my steering wheel.

There is a small difference -- when wired it will immediately stop the song and start going to the next. With the wireless interface -- it plays for a fraction of a second longer after I change the song and goes to the next one. That you can call lag and it is minimal. The way that I look at it is if I only had experienced wireless CarPlay -- I would not know the difference.

For me, it is nothing to even be concerned about as now I get in my truck and by the time I get going (especially when I back up and the back up camera takes over the screen) it has connected and I am ready to go. Normally I could start my music 10-seconds sooner. Again, barely worth mentioning, but for those that want to know the details -- there they are.


Product mentioned:  

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👉More info of the unit: https://www.binize.com


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