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How to install a Honda Civic 8th gen radio!

How to install a Honda Civic 8th gen radio!

YuanYuan Liu |

How to install a Honda Civic 8th gen radio!


So I shattered my factory radio’s screen on my 07 Honda Civic 8th gen Ex with Nav. I been wanting one of these Android head units with car play for a while. I was kind of skeptical of how much this device touted as having in its features for such a low price. But I figured any radio is better then none and went ahead and purchased it.


honda  accord


Let me start with how easy it was to install.Honda Civic 8th gen is real easy to work on as is. But this dash kit has practically everything you’ll need to completely replace the radio. You’ll need to pop your current radio out, disconnect some stock wiring harnesses, and then swap out the AC controller, and the Hazard button into the new kit. Any YouTube video tutorial on how to do it with your model is enough to show you how to do a basic swap.


That being said. I do have some gripes, and some heads up for novice car installers.


My biggest one being my steering controls. The instructions are not clear enough. If you want to retain your steering controls. You will have to splice into one of the radio harnesses (for my Honda Civic 8th gen Ex with Nav, it was the radio B harness.) I’ve attached a photo. Connect Pin 6 to a ground, and Pin 7 to the Key 2. I have not been able to figure out how to wire the speak and back button that are on my wheel because I had the NAV unit originally, but if you do let me know. But again. Make sure you are connecting the ground for the buttons. I thought they’d be already grounded and I only needed the one wire to key 2 but thats not simply the case.


Also you’ll need to splice into your backup lights for the backup camera. Theres no plug an play there either.


My other gripe is that the display is super bright even with brightness turned all the way down. It also has no auto brightness. I had to use a very specific app to dim the display on demand. And not all the apps work to do it. The OS is extremely locked down.


Also theres no Bluetooth controls natively, I have an OBD reader and would of loved to been able to use the app in conjunction. But theres no Bluetooth access outside of the main radio functions.


Theres also no slot on this unit to put the passenger airbag indicator. I stuck mine through the front of the Auxilary port slot which I choose not to splice into my harness to retain. It fit more or less snugly and doesn't look terrible. And I just ran a wire from the r/l into a aux into the glovebox.


honda civic



I wish the Android OS was more stock and less locked down. Theres no changing whats there at all.


But that being said. If you’re looking for a very easy CarPlay head unit. The wireless CarPlay works amazing. I set it up to start with the car. And even when I exit to Android you can setup a shortcut to return to it. It works flawlessly.



The seller is also very very responsive and will answer questions on any of their social media very quickly. My unit even showed up early to begin with!


I would buy this car radio which is especially designed for Honda Civic 8th gen again.