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How to choose a cost-effective car stereo part?

How to choose a cost-effective car stereo part? - Binize

YuanYuan Liu |

How to choose a cost-effective car stereo part?

May Day has just passed, it’s a good time to go out and give yourself a holiday. So~ How can you get a high-quality car stereo experience in a depopulated land or a crowded town center has become an important fact. Then how to choose a cost-effective stereo is a question worth discussing. Today, please follow our step to know more details about how to purchase a perfect car stereo for your car.

The first element: SIZE

Not all of the car stereos are in the same size. Generally speaking, Car Stereos come in two DIN sizes, known as single DIN and double DIN.

A single DIN size car stereo is the standard stereo size, generally measuring 2 inches tall and 7 inches wide. But, the depth of the stereo can be different, so make sure you are aware of the car stereo depth your car dashboard can suitably hold.

Double DIN size is doubling the size of a single DIN. It is generally measuring 4 inches tall, and 7 inches wide. A double DIN car stereo makes you be able to have a bigger dashboard screen, making it easier to see the oversized display.

Most car stereos are not universal. You need to make sure your choice of car stereo perfectly fits into your car's dashboard. According to four different sizes in two dimensions, a variety of permutations and combinations are generated. Such as 7 inch 2 din,7 inch 1din,10 inch 2 din and so on.

The second element: SYSTEM

ARE ALL Car Stereos THE SAME System?
Not all of the car stereos are in the same system. Generally speaking, Car Stereos also come in two systems, known as ANDROID system and WINCE system. All functions related to multimedia are basically the same, such as radio, Bluetooth, navigation etc. When u enter into the home screen, the difference between the Android and WinCE system will be revealed.

ANDROID system
On the android car stereo double din or single din, you will find that the main interface of the head unit is similar to the home page of your smartphone. Why does this happen? Just like we mentioned before in the previous blog, transfer the idea of ipad feature to the car.

On the home page, you can do what u wanna do, Binize for android car radio with gps uses Google Maps for navigation. Please pay attention to that this feature will need an active data connection. Therefore, if you are unable to use the hotspot of your smart phone will prevent you from using Google Maps. But if you choose to use the Google Play Store to download the offline navigation program, you can also use the navigation function. Obviously, you will still need the internet to download that app, you can get it from your house WIFI or McDonald~ LOL

If you are able to use the WIFI all the time, you can enjoy the feature of android system instead of just navigation. You are able to download apps like on your smart phone, such as Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, etc.

WINCE system
Compared with Android operating system, for WinCE car radio with gps, the characteristic of the entire system is closure. Why do we say that? Cause it can't connect to WIFI or download any other various apps from app store. This promotes its characteristics: good security, mature system, stable operation

The Selection Benchmark
If you want a simple car radio with gps, smooth operation and stable system, then go for WINCE.
If you are a technician or the guy who pursues fashion, and have experience in using the same system, then go for ANDROID

Combine the above factors, do you have the right choice in mind? If still not, we recommend a cost-effective product from Binize for you:

Binize Android car stereo Double din 10.1 Inch Touch Screen with GPS Navigation
Which with Bluetooth, FM, support Rear Camera signal input & Mirror Link functions. Intelligent system, highlight details and 1024*600 HD resolution image display will give u a more reasonable operating experience.

About this item

【Stable System and Better Touch Screen】 Binize 10.1 inch Android Car Stereo, Quad Core,1GB RAM and 16GB/32GB ROM, 2.5D curved edge tempered glass touch screen, flexible slide, better light transmission rate. HD 1080P capacitive touch screen.

【Better Hardware】10.1 inch android stereo double din with Bluetooth music and handsfree calling, FM Radio, EQ Setting, Built-in WIFI receiver, Google Play Store, Google Maps Navigation, GPS Navigation, which compatible with most navigation map, such as Sygic, Waze, and it allows to use many apps, like YouTube, etc.

【Equalizer Settings/Input/Output】Double din stereo has preset multiple EQ settings, better sound effect, Built-in microphone, with 4*25 W speaker output. Multi-format audio and video recording, support amplifier, sub-woofer output. Support RCA Reversing image input, USB front view input, HD video input. With Dual USB cables

【Phone Link/Steering Wheel control】Double din Android car stereo with pre-install Miudrive APP for phone link, support Android and IOS phone