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What's the meaning of Tesla update?

YuanYuan Liu |

What's the meaning of Tesla update?


Tesla has gained a lot in this year's new energy car market. According to incomplete statistics, in the past 11 months, Tesla’s sales topped the list temporarily. Among them, Model 3 and Model Y are the two best-selling models! The reason why it is so popular is that OTA Tesla update is a big selling point of Tesla, and it also has always been something Tesla is proud of.


Tesla car


What is OTA Tesla update?


OTA is the abbreviation of Over-the-air, which refers to the remote software upgrade of the car. The car owner does not need to visit the service center, does not need to do anything, Tesla will push the updated firmware version of the vehicle software to your vehicle actively. When you see a down arrow⬇ in the upper right corner of the vehicle screen, you can connect to the mobile phone hotspot or WIFI to download and install the updated version of the software in time to complete the OTA upgrade of the vehicle.


What does the latest OTA Tesla update bring?


  1. In addition to the existing theater mode, there will be new Disney programs app.


  1. Added car wash mode. In the past, Tesla owners may often encounter an embarrassing thing, that is, if they are connected to a mobile phone’s Bluetooth key, the automatic locking of the car will become a common thing, and the charging port is often opened during the car wash accidentally.


Tesla phone BT car key


The new car wash mode will solve all this. It will close all car windows automatically, lock the charging port, disable the wiper, sentry mode, automatic lock etc. At the same time, to the computer car wash, it can also switch to the free movement mode and the car will switch to neutral gear today.


  1. The third is the automatic dimming function of the rearview mirror, which means that the anti-glare rearview mirror function can be manually turned on and off. This prevents Tesla owner who put a film on the car window from reaching extremely dark places with rearview mirror problems via Tesla update.


  1. The fourth is the improvement of the driving recorder. Previously, if Tesla owners needed to save important driving record information, they had to click the button manually to save it.Now, when meet a car accident, the Tesla will automatically save the image of the driving recorder locally.


  1. The fifth is to quickly switch the display of the endurance mileage. Now you only need to click the battery icon on the main page to switch directly on the display of the percentage of endurance mileage and battery capacity .


Tesla OTA upgrade


Speaking of endurance mileage, the hot-selling models mentioned above Model Y & Model 3, the large central control screen on the right-hand side is very cool, but for drivers who are accustomed to browsing the speed or fuel consumption from the steering wheel position, there is no speed display dashboard will be a very headache thing.


BINIZE 9 Inch Tesla wireless CarPlay display for Model Y & Model 3 can just make up for this obvious disadvantage. Which add wireless CarPlay & Android AUTO both, highly compatible with OEM Tesla update system, have to mention, it also supports original steer wheel control and plug play wire harness which is pretty convenient to install. So, what are you waiting for?


binize tesla display


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