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What is Bluetooth Android Auto ?

What is Bluetooth Android Auto ?

YuanYuan Liu |

What is Bluetooth Android Auto 



There’re two different ways to use Android Auto in a car: wired and wireless connectivity, these two methods would depend on the stereo’s feature. Needless to say, the wireless is more convenient, as the stereo automatically detects the smartphone, and you don’t have to keep any cables around. Android Auto Wireless allows you to keep that connection after removing the USB cable, it is realized by Bluetooth, so it aka Bluetooth Android Auto .


Bluetooth Android Auto


Connections between smartphones and car stereos are using Bluetooth. It's how most hands-free callings and Bluetooth music work. However, Bluetooth connections have the bandwidth required by Android Auto Wireless. The main benefit of Wireless Android Auto is that you don't need to plug and unplug your phone every time you go into the car. In this way, you can save more time while commuting or in the rush. If you're planning a long trip or your phone needs a charge, you can also plug it in. Android Auto Wireless automatically connects your phone to your car radio when you get in your vehicle (after turning on the zlink5)


How to Use Android Auto Wireless or Bluetooth Android Auto


Android Auto lets you connect your phone to compatible touchscreen car radios. If you are troubling in finding a cable, why not use the wireless connectivity. In the new Binize car stereo, you can get wireless Android Auto by pairing your phone with Bluetooth.


Check the video below:



In the traditional Binize car stereo, users can only use the wired Android Auto. Just like wireless CarPlay, we were also working on how to implement the Wireless Android Auto, and now it has already been done, unlike previous Android car stereo, this time we put all of the phone's connectivity in ZLINK5. So how to use it?


Step1 Download the Zlink app to your Android phone via the QR code on the stereo (download from the Play store is null and void)

Step2 Pair your phone Bluetooth to the stereo

Step3 Open Zlink5 on the car stereo and follow the notes


Bluetooth Android Auto


Easy step to get the Bluetooth Android Auto ! And you have to wonder, why download apps on your phone? My explanation: because some Android phones don't support wireless Android Auto. To connect your car stereo and smartphone, make sure they both support the same connectivity way.