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What is Apple car play radio?

YuanYuan Liu |

What is Apple car play radio ?


The Apple car play radio feature was actually conceptualized in 2013. But when you look at it, due to tax and legal regulations, many cars in the US are more than a decade or even decades old. So many of the cars running on the road are actually not yet supported by CarPlay. Many Apple fans and experienced car drivers are eager to experience what CarPlay is like.


carplay conception


The current comprehensive in the aftermarket car stereo, the head unit that support CarPlay function can be broadly divided into three:


Tesla-style Android 10 Double din built-in CarPlay


Replacing the head unit is the most direct and convenient way, but if you do not have some expertise yourself, you will have to go to a professional store nearby to install which is likely to cost more than the value of the Apple car play  radio itself, so there are some gains that do not pay off.


BINIZE Android 10


Multiple media box


This box is designed for converting a head unit that comes with factory wired CarPlay into a wireless CarPlay and Android AUTO. But one of the biggest drawbacks of this box is that there are limitations to compatibility, because not all cars come with CarPlay. So many car owners, in order to get perfect experience, would toss a little and spend a little more money, rather than changing the car stereo head unit. They'd rather do that than using the multiple media box.




Portable Apple car play radio


This is a compromise non-destructive solution, equivalent to the addition of a stand-alone model touch screen (the original car head unit to retain).


The advantage is that it is fully functional and does not require a lot of fuss to install. It is almost like to use a tablet computer as a car console touch screen put on the dashboard to use. But there is a difference, after all, the car stereo system screen will take full account of the placement environment and size of the car console.


BINIZE have recently developed one such Apple car play radio, after a year-long research and development, BINIZE portable CarPlay were snapped up as soon as they were showing in stock.


BINIZE portable carplay 

Main reasons why it is popular:


1. Support CarPlay and Android AUTO

2. Support MirrorLink

3. Support FM transmission


From my point of view, the future belongs to CarPlay and Android Auto, the reason is simple: How often do you have to change your phone? How often do you have to change your car?


Screen maintenance tips:


 1. After use, follow this shutdown steps: first close the page, then shut down the head unit, and finally unplug.

 2. Turn on the car first, then plug in the cigarette lighter. Unplug the cigarette lighter after the use is over, and plug it in after the next time. This will help protect the chip and prolong its life.

 3. The portable CarPlay navigator screen is still fragile, so keep the touch screen away from sharp objects.

 4. The portable CarPlay navigator should not be exposed to the sunlight for a long time. The temperature difference not only affects the battery life but also affects the touch sensitivity of the touch screen.


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