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TOP 10 most reliable car in 2021 includes Mazda cx9

YuanYuan Liu |

TOP 10 most reliable car in 2021 includes Mazda cx9


  1. Mazdacx9 , mx5 ,first choice for driving pleasure


Mazda cx9, can be considered as Mazda's truly meaning mid-size SUV. The body size of 5075*1969*1747mm and the wheelbase of 2930mm give it an excellent aura. All models come  with a standard 2.5T engine include a maximum torque of 434Nm, also with standard Mazda's i-Activ AWD four-wheel drive system.


TOP 10 most reliable car


Mazda mx5, should be regarded as the representative of "light running" in the true sense. In terms of power, it is not outstanding. There are two versions of 1.5L self-priming and 2.0L self-priming, which are the two familiar SkyActiv-G engines, which are also equipped with 6AT gearboxes.


  1. Honda Insight, a chunkier A-Class than the Accord?


TOP 10 most reliable car


In terms of size, it is similar to the Civic, but it is actually quite different from the Civic. The most typical is that equipped with a 1.5L dual-motor hybrid system, and the chassis is thicker than the Accord.


  1. Subaru Crosstrek, a very versatile car


TOP 10 most reliable car


Compared with Mazda cx9, Subaru is also a Japanese brand, has less influence in China. Crosstrek is Subaru's smallest hatchback SUV.


Why Japanese cars are on the list, the reasons are obvious: Great styling, luxurious interior, great ride, fuel efficient.


The exterior design of Mazda cx9 uses the latest design concept from Mazda Taker i, the biggest feature is to change the air intake grille shape of the previous generation "zoom zoom" design theme to a more aggressive design, which makes the new Mazda cx9 completely say goodbye to the original image of the gentleman.


Power and Fuel Economy


Compared with the previous generation model, Mazda cx9 has changes in interior appearance, including brand-new power part, power system, exterior design, and some optimizations in configuration.


Driving feeling


One of the things that makes the Mazda cx9 so impressive is its good driving feel, which also equipped with G-Vectoring torque control technology. By adjusting the torque output from engine, Mazda cx9 can obtain more appropriate power support when making a turn. The driving experience more much like a smaller SUV, but have to know that the Mazda cx9 is nearly 5.1 m long.


Exterior and interior


Compared with the same-level Ford Explorer, GM Acadia and other models, it is not inferior. which body length still reaches 5064 mm. Body width 1968mm, height 1752mm, wheelbase 2930mm.


In terms of the interior, the overall look is simple and well-proportioned. The floating central control screen is a bright spot. The central touch screen of the sports version is 7 inches, and the others are 8 inches.


In terms of configuration, it comes standard with safety features such as blind spot detection, rear cross-traffic warning, and urban intelligent braking system. The North American market also adds a new sports package, priced at $1,290. Which includes automatic high beams, lane keeping system, adaptive cruise, automatic wipers, electric seats and other configurations.


Models in the North American market are very clearly divided into two levels. Small cars like the Prius and Crosstrek are very popular, and there are also personality sports cars like the MX-5. These models have also won a good reputation for the original brand by virtue of their excellent quality.