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How to add CarPlay to Toyota Prius prime ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to add CarPlay to Toyota Prius prime ?


In the film La La Land, there is a very interesting plot where The hero can't tell the heroine's car keys apart makes me smile, because we know from a lot of graphic and video materials that Prius prime is a street car in the United States, and many taxis are also Prius prime. One of the main reasons is to save gas.


Prius prime


The driver of the world's first Prius prime taxi was in Vancouver, Canada, named Andrew Grant. His experience can be described as a legend.He bought the first-generation Prius prime in 2001 as a taxi, and it only took 25 months to run the longest mileage record (332,000 kilometers) of the Prius primeat that time (2003).In 2003, Toyota replaced him with a new taxi with a 2003 Prius prime, and shipped the old car back to Japan for disassembly and analysis. Before the replacement, not only did the taxi not have the battery replaced, the front brake pads were not replaced until 147,000 kilometers, and the rear brake pads were not replaced until 310,000 kilometers.


Later, he took the replaced 2003 Prius prime as his personal using car, and then bought the 2004 second-generation Prius to continue driving a taxi . In 2012, the total mileage of the 2004 Prius before retirement was 1.5 million kilometers, and the gas price at this time already allowed him to only need less than two years to pass low gas consumption and maintenance costs, compared to other brands of taxis. , save the price of a brand new Prius.


Of course, apart from gas economy, there are other advantages that cannot be ignored of Prius prime.



Advantage 1:


The medium and low speed are smooth and quiet, and the whole vehicle feels very relaxed and comfortable to drive, which is more important than gas saving. The dynamic feeling of driving in low-speed sports mode is also excellent compared to models of the same price.


Advantage 2:


Although the length of Prius prime is not so long, the sitting position is high, the space is large, it is very practical, and the trunk is also very practical.Lay down the bike with the lower 29-inch frame mounted in the rear. The field of vision is also good, slightly higher and slightly wider than the average car.


Advantage 3:


The interior is environmentally friendly, has no odor at all, has affinity, and has a sense of technology at the same time, and the ergonomics are also good.So far, there have not been any minor problems, and the maintenance cost is lower than that of ordinary cars because the replacement of brake pads is basically omitted.


Advantage 4:


The LCD driving display console touch screen is in a very high position, and the electronic gear lever are very convenient.When talking about the central control, we have to mention the defect that it does not support wireless CarPlay and wireless android auto. Although it is not a big problem, the wired CarPlay connection that comes with the original car can also be used normally, in the actual use process, the wireless connection is bound to be much more convenient and safer than the wired connection.


Prius prime


Binize CarPlay wireless adapter fit for car with OEM Wired CarPlay will be 100% suitable for Prius prime, which will convert a wired connection to a Bluetooth wireless connection while also supporting SIM cards.


Prius prime