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How to choose the Car Stereo Speaker?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to choose the Car Stereo Speaker?


A key step in upgrading your car sound system is to replace a proper car stereo speaker. If your existing factory stereo sounds stale and dull, a new set of car stereo speakers will provide clarity and detail that was lacking in the original car audio system. Whether you just want to replace your factory speakers or if you plan to install an amplifier, it takes the car stereo speaker that can handle a lot of power.

There are 2 forms of car stereo speakers.

Full-range speakers

The basic speaker. The tweeter and the woofer are placed together in one part. They are called "2-way speakers" or "coaxials." Normally there are 3-way and the occasional 4-way speakers that have an extra tweeter or mid-tone driver are mounted on the same frame to help separate the musical frequencies and deliver more detailed sound.

Component speakers

Also known as "separates". The tweeter and woofer are not installed in the same body. This design allows for better placement of car stereo tweeters. The woofer is installed in the lower door position, but you can install the tweeter in a more desirable position, usually, it’s higher up in the door or dashboard. It helps direct high-frequency sounds to your ears, not your legs, and significantly improves the way your music sounds.

How many car speakers are the best?

There is no standard number of car stereo speakers for factory-installed cars. In fact, the number of high-quality sounds seems to increase every year as automakers introduce premium factory auto sound systems, such as noise cancellation and simulated engine noise.

When replacing front and rear car stereo speakers, it is best to have the same voice-matched system. This means having the same brand and line of speakers in the front and back. If your budget is limited, there's no need to do it all at once. Pay attention to the front speaker first. When you're ready, replace the rear speaker with the same brand and series as the front speaker to maintain the same sound characteristics.

The size of the speakers.

It's hard to find the correct car stereo speaker by a long list of car horns of different sizes. You can go to the speaker seller, tell them your car model, and they will find the right product for you.
Sometimes you can choose two different speaker sizes for a particular location. In this case, our rule of thumb is, "bigger is better." So, given the choice between 5-1/4" using a bracket or 6"x9", we usually choose a 6"x9" one.

How much power for the speakers?

Car radio speakers convert electrical energy into sound waves. Different car speakers work better with specific power sources. Most of the factory stereos have low power; the aftermarket car audio offers a little more; the aftermarket amplifiers provide the most power. The more power you use, the more volume and musical detail you'll get, but you need to make sure your speakers play correctly while being loud. So, there are two main specs to consider, depending on your power supply.

Car speaker sensitivity.

Sensitivity measures the sound produced by the loudspeaker under the action of power. If you have a low-power factory stereo (usually 10-15 watts RMS per channel or less), a high-sensitivity speaker (over 90 dB) will be the best.
If you have a high power system, such as an aftermarket stereo or external amplifier, then consider a low sensitivity rating for the speaker. If they are well powered, their sound quality will be very good.

Car speaker power handling.

Power processing gives you an idea of how much power (in watts) a speaker can handle. If you have a low power system, your speakers do not need to be able to handle a lot of power. On the other hand, a system with a powerful external amplifier will require the power of the speaker to handle close to the amplifier's output.

Driving with the Best Audio Speaker

The stereo of every car should make the most of it, giving the owner a near-perfect sound quality experience. Shop by brand, price range, speaker diameter, and other categories.